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the pic of your "old lady" loving Winston is possibly the cutest picture of a cat and owner that I've ever seen.

lucky you to have such a beautiful and lovey-dovey kitty.

I hope he's around for a long time to come.


I am in love with cats, but Winston is by a mile the most intriguing persian i have ever seen! I WANT A CAT!


Winston is fabulous!!! There is a reason they are so darn cute - not a lot of brains. THere is always a tradeoff. Our Ranger Bob cat looks like your other cat. He is beautiful and can have the cutest face when he wants something. He is mostly instinct and not clever. But he is very pretty and that is why he is still around.


God damn that thing's cute! And I just loooove cats lacking in the intelligence that makes their smarter brethren a little too pissy for my tastes. How 'bout a desktop sized image for the Winston wallpaper I so desperately need?


Yes, I can see how you'd want to eat him. He is yummy! Long may he be purr. (BTW, Governor Attacki? Bwahahahahahahaa!!! snort!)


Awwww! Makes me miss my "Girlie". Someone let her outside, and she's ho-ing around, won't come home, sob.

Winston IS the most adorable cat I've ever seen. I'm up for some Winston looks pissed Wallpaper. That'd be awesome!


I'd never begrudge anyone Winston appreciation, so:

Felicia Elena

OH MY GAWD! Winston is the cutest Ewok of a kitty! PLEASE PLEASE add the audio and video! I am dying for it! Your postings are hee-larious!


This is the cutest kitty I have ever seen. Please don't tell my kitties I said that. Winston should have his own t.v. show.

Thanks for sharing him with us!


I Heart Winston. I blogged him, because his fame must be spread.

estela, brazil

how cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!


I love Winston! Damn, he makes me miss my beloved Woo-Woo. If she and Winston had met, they would have eaten a piece of hammy-ham together and fallen in love.


damn! i love my cat just as much or more, i'd be blogging my cat too if only i had a digital camera.


Sweetie! Wow - a not-so-smart kitty. What a great idea; how come no breeders are onto that??(LOL - half kidding). Stuart's right; the pissiness in intelligent cats is what gives them a bad rep; but the teddy-bear furriness of Winston is the kind of thing that makes everyone want one!


Don't get me wrong, but I do need to make the difference known. in order to prove a point. I would assume from the photo of your "old lady" that you are a gay couple. just so you know I am straight and my spoiled princess named Angel is my little baby too. All you other straight guys like me out there listen up, it's ok to show love and to hold a close almost parent like place in your heart for a pet, be it a cat or a dog. for some unknown reason it is HUMAN nature to go gaga over fuzzy little things that purr. Great page guys, I hope there are no complications from your baby's surgery and he will be with you for many years to come.

Zsa Zsa

Your "old lady"? Dahlink, that's patently pedestrian. I had to shield my eyes in fright. Yours,


Heesh a beeg shweetie! (in as low a voice as you can muster).


What a beautiful boy!


Can't take my eyes off the sixth picture! That's the best Norma Desmond impression I've ever seen! Winston is not only cute, but TALENTED!


Eeeeek! Get him away from me! I WANT TO BITE HIS FACE!!!


I want to sop him up with gravy and eat him.


That's got to be the sweetest little panda bear face ever.


Please do a post on Rudy... he is adorable as well.


I love Winston!


Fellow (previous) Exotic shorthair owner here. So many of them have terrible IBS. Boy do I have poop stories of my precious baby boy kitty, Mikey Likes It. He was a solid blue exotic, made that adorable squeaking sound, was incredibly loving and wonderful and won everyone's heart. Unfortunately, he used to have such bad "attacks" the walls and floors of our apartment were basically ruined. I handfed him until his last days. He passed at the age of 6 from severe IBS. I still miss him everyday. Thanks for having this site :)

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