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Are you sure Winston isn't part teddy bear?


Thanks for the Stephanie... you must know how I feel about her...


Winston is more fun to look at ;) More "kick" videos by Winston!


I think "Optimus Prime" is what Dane Cook is gonna name his second kid, isn't it? The kid who comes after "Ululululululu".

Pop Muse

roll bounce was amazing! if you only see one roller disco movie starring bow wow this year...


OMG my cat's name is Winston too! hahaha



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this is you cat? is a totally cute! in my house we had a cat, well was my cat, was a siamese cat, it names was "Mr Brown" and for all it nine lives I love that cat, was a real shame when it die.

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In my head I'm hearing this on the stage as a spoken-word performance. I would love to hear this at an open mic or poetry slam!! Beautiful. Provocative. Inspiring. Thanks.

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You are such a smart, accomplished woman and a doggone wonderful person. Your writing is a reflection of your beautiful mind and heart. Brava you!

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Thanks so much for this piece. I am just starting, in my mid-fifties - to go for success in writing. I appreciate it!

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