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I was equally upset to see Kara go. But, I think I'm inclined to agree with the judges here. They totally played it safe. True, Santino doesn't know how to use a sewing machine, but he definately knows how to play the game. He knew he would be kept in just for standing out.

I loved Kara and Daniel's dresses, safe as they were. But my favorite was the one Kara was wearing - one she made herself! I loved it! Do you hear me Kara Janx? I want that dress you were wearing!


Rich, I love that you do these screencaps when people look their absolute worst and/or retarded. It makes me adore you all the more.


I know. The screencaps and the fantastic mp3's--your recaps make the show that much better to me. It's almost like I get a second show, which is even more delicious.


you have made me so happy today.
you are a laugh and are my absolute favorite.
thank u!


Austin Scarlett.. I believe he would fall in the intersexed category.


Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! This has got to be one of your best PR blogs ever! Especially Vaginaville! Thanks for the early morning laughs.


congrats on the mention in 'time out new york' this week!


I love you man....Don't EVER go away!!


Curious - do you not think there's an outside chance Santino will take this whole thing out from under Daniel V. and crushing Chloe under his feet as he goes?


My comments to some of the remaining PR contestants:

To Santino, I say, "That dress was fucking Auful."

To Santino's model, Heather, I say, "What's up with that navel? Get Santino to spackle that shit over next time he puts you in a dress that tight."

To Wednesday's cuttee, for talking that GirlPower shit and turning on Chloe, suggesting she should be out...For talking more of that GirlPower shit and asking a man to help you carry a dress form that you immediately hoist up and trot away with, requiring no effort from your perfectly- powerful girly muscles....To you, Kara, I say, "Boop boop, bitch." Go pop that coochie elsewhere.

But, that ass, though. Popozao!


I cannot even explain the many levels of funny your blog presents to me... SIGH! So good, so random. You rock my socks off completely! P.S: do you think that Micheal K. would come to my house and deliver fashion commentary every day? Just figured I'd put that out there... Can't wait till the next installment!


All signs point to hung.

LMAO! I need to never read these at work...brilliant as always!

On another note, can I commandeer some of these screen caps for my re-cap? Yours are always way better then bravos...


Carly -- Of the remaining contestants, Santino's line is the best. I won't be surprised if he takes it all, but somehow I think Daniel V. is the safe bet.

AJ -- Take what you like, just be sure to respectfully link back.


Naturally! Thanks babe!

And keep up the hilarious work:)

Rumor has it, Santino's collection wasn't made really well, so that might automatically give DV the win...


Im running out of things to say each week about your never ending genius...I am going to make it my goal to use "vaginaville" in atleast one sentance a day.

You are my favorite.

Dont keep me hangin!

Kel de Texas

You had me at "Daniel V is hung" right there, that's where you had me.



Check THIS shit out!!!


I love you. Seriously for real this time. AWESOME recap.
I love that you love make-up guy. I love that you like some meat.
I love that you agree Kara was more interesting too. She was my favorite from the start.
And Daniel V's stuff is overated.
And I'm glad I wasn't the only one that was surprised by Austin's ensom. I mean, gentleman/dandy/frilly is one thing, older sociality lady is another.


Chloe's gonna win.


Rich you are hilarious. I shouldn't read you at work but your posts about prorun are one of the highlights of my week. 5 pm on Friday is the other one. :-D Love your kittys too.

manhattan offender

Um, Zuzu?
Stupid me.
Stupid, stupid me.


All signs point to hung, indeed! One thing I can say from my years of experience: tall skinny boys with big noses pack quite a wallop!

GOD, I love that guy. Almost as much as I love you, Rich. *Almost.*


i wish i could wrap up makeup guy and give him to you and winston and his gay feline partner. because you give me everything i need to be happy.


OMG! I totally think the makeup guy is hot too!

Oh, and I think it's a Beat dazzler in the Jay pic!


Another great recap! Too bad Kara got sent home. Can you post a picture of Heidi at the judging? That pregnant bitch looked the hottest she ever has.

Yay, hot makeup guy!

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