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Stellar wit here, I was especially rofl at the comment about the lady doc's hardened criminal look. She sorta resembles a dude in drag; like the 3 of em hatched a plan in the 'pen', then chose the roughest looking one to plop a wig on. BTW: What kind of name is 'Klee'??

Anyway, this infomercial falls under the It's so bad it's good category, lol


3 months ago i saw this infomercial...and i thought it was funny...but there's nothing funny about be blosted and constipated...a good shit is better then good sex...if you take a good is sooooo much better...but if your all constipated and blosted do you really want to have sex...and if you do...laying on your back...wishing you could take a shit does not lend itself to great sex...
anyway i rant ...but after seeing this on tv...2 weeks later, I'm at my sister's house and i saw this product arrive in the mail...she bought it. So I tryed it out...let me tell you i took 3 great craps that day...i felt so good going out that night...since i NEVER EVER have like 1 crap a dayi took it for a week from my sisters bottle...i was now taking 2-3 ever single i ordered it!
folks...bottom line is it works. at least it does for me...and i don't mean i have diaerehea or painfull craps either...nice solid waste that does NOT stay in my intestens too long...
And the best part is I have lost 24 lbs in the last 6 weeks...I FEEL great...AND LOOK MUCH BETTER.
It might be a weird subject to discuss...but I thought that song...lets talk about sex was weird too...when i first heard it...people should talk about and shit!!!

You're right, people should talk about it. Colon health is important, internal cleansing is a good idea. Done it myself, w/certain herbs, supplements & fiber. What's funny though, is this motley crew on the paid program. 'Klee' & his grodiness do tend to give one the shudders... Just seen him in another infomercial (for vitamins) & he still hasn't bothered to wash his hair. In fact, it looked slimier than usual. Kevin Trudeau may be somewhat of a hustler as well, but at least he's a bit easier on the eyes, Lol. Infomercials: Last bastion of insomniacs.. & nothing quite like being startled at 2am, by Klee & his cronies.

me and my buddies saw this during half time of a steeler game drunk, we laid on the floor laughing our asses off!!!!!

Is that really as presentable, as Klee could make himself for the program?? The shirt's ok, but I can see it draped over a bent hanger/tv antenna; then after he slipped it on, wifey (just imagine what kinda chick married Mr. Grody..) said "Oh Klee u cleans up real nice!" One last check in the mirror to be sure dat greasy hair & perv moostache is lookin' good, & it's showtime! When the 3 shiznits get ready to split the money, bet they each got their ol shanks handy, in case something not quite right! And there outta be plenty of room available in that cleared colon, to stash some cash.


This guy is possibly the sleaziest most misinformed scumbag on t.v. Between the tale of his four year old daughter taking the world's largest dump to finding poundage of undigested meats in John Waynes stomach, this creep and Kevin Trudeau should bed down with the millions of dollars stolen from ignorant, unsuspecting viewers.



That "Duke & The Doctor" radio show is normally carried on radio stations that carry the Alex Jones radio show. That fact alone destroys what little credibility they had left. :)

Dane Cook Sucks and You Know It!

That thing about John Wayne is an urban legend. It's, um... er... "bullshit".

Had to.

I hope that Kevin Trudeau contracts cancer and then uses his own bullshit remedies on himself.

Then, he will die painfully and the world will be a better, safer place.

There is no set amount of times a human should make a poopie pie. Some people *do* it several times a day, some *do* it a couple times a week.

We're so lucky that we have it so good that we get to buy stuff that will make our lincoln logs look better.

It's a great country and I don't mean that cynically, either... I'm completely serious. We're so fortunate. It rocks.


True story. My girlfriend woke up after listening to this half asleep, then waking up and telling me to turn it off and then puked.


The dude in the infomercial is just freakin creepy looking. Reminds me of the snake oil and remedy salesmen of the old west. Speaking of the old west....That is total bull about John Wayne and 40 pounds of fecal matter in his colon. I don't know how people get away with blatanly lying dispels this as an urban legand. One that the creep on the commercial is quick to state as fact. I heard one doctor say.."The colon is supposed to be dirty, that is part of what it does"

Will Samples

His infomercial is still showning where I live. Which is disturding to me as I do not want to eliminate the impacted fecal matter, or at least not all at once. I use the especially dense feces to mold into artwork. No doubt you have seen (or smelled) my work in galleries all over the US.

many years ago I crossed path w klee for a bit. he's a balding slick oil salesman, with a bunch of shell companies, conning people to finance a very lavish lifestyle. big house in Malibu CA, S series Benz, and a stunning beautiful wife who seemed isolated and babysat the kids mostly. A man of murky, leaking, cracked facades doing the only thing he knows how - deceive.

many years ago I crossed path w klee for a bit. he's a balding slick oil salesman, with a bunch of shell companies, conning people to finance a very lavish lifestyle. big house in Malibu CA, S series Benz, and a stunning beautiful wife who seemed isolated and babysat the kids mostly. A man of murky, leaking, cracked facades doing the only thing he knows how - deceive.

Arthur king of colon poop.

Many kids eat a lot of junk and tend to get constipated. So I can see how the lochness monster can come


It's funny how people trip on this guy getting rich on selling colon cleansing products. When rappers (black people) constantly talk about peeling caps back, sellin' drugs and killin other black people, it's all good?? We praise Jay-Z for hustling and selling drugs to get money, but when Klee does it it's wrong? Isn't it the same thing? Also, why trip that he knows what his kids crap looks like? His business is based on bowel movements and that's just part of research. If he was looking at YOUR kids crap then that's a problem. Don't hate ol' boy for his hustle. Don't get it twisted! Turn the channel and find YOUR hustle. I'm just sayin.


where can I see the whole infomercial?

yeah exactly...the dude is just hustlin, plus if want to take a huge shit you should just start drinking protein shakes, also, i just saw it again and you can now shit with a friend...but it was just for the first 300 callers...haha

Natural Colon Cleanse At Home for Health and Weight Loss

This is definitely not for people with weak. But I must say it is interesting, funny but informative. Something to ponder about. ;) He.He.

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wow, thats fuckin sick as hell, but grossly he's saying that adult shit should be the size of a leg then? interesting..

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