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Another good one! and Yay for being first!! ^.~

Miss Kitty

BRAVO!!! Again a wonderful recap of this shit that has me hooked yet again!

I love Danielle, but can she win?


again, you rock my world and make my friday bearable.

But what you didn't get was Mr. Jay yelling-"You go girl!! Work it BITCH!!" when Joanie was on the elephant. I thought, my God, he's done it. He has queened out on tv...and I loved it.

Penny Woods

I'm going to miss Imagine That! with Jade if she ever becomes a "bootee" (I feel she will, although I love her).

Thanks for the recap. I missed Danielle's creed and Joanie's lisp due to the "smell like bitch" comment and anything that Jade said this week.


Haha. Nice shout out to cycle one baybee!

Girl in a Whirl

Something from last week: can anyone forget Twiggy calling Nnenna, "Nenner"? Nenner nenner nenner. When is Jade going to be voted off - necause if she wins, that's the end of the series. Bets anyone?

And I'm with you on Furonda's fingers but I just can't get over how well she can photograph.


Thanks for the recap, Rich! Don't worry about the delay. We know that genius can't be hurried.

When I saw Sara's frizzed-out straw hair I had the same reaction as you. Yikes.

My lovely Joanie looks so un-modellesque when standing next to Frizzy Sara. Waah.


thank god it's friday & we have ur model update :) nigel is not just hot, he's smokin! even joanie agrees :P love ya!


2nd! Great re-cap.


Nice Recap, R. It's truly criminal that Furonda would be voted off before Sara, but that's the insanity of ANTM. I was hoping you would showcase her straight-up diva moment in leaving the room, where she worked her model strut (to Tyra's approval) and turned in one last pose with the broken arm as she left; and then voiced her surprise that they voted off the "fabulous Furonda."

Mr. Prince

Poor Danielle! I was so sad for her; I love the fact that she could still turn it out despite everything else

It’s funny, because when the Furonda dance sequence was going on, I was like ‘They did his job for him; are they readers?’ XDDD

I was pissed that Sara didn’t go for biting either. I kind of forget she’s there XP

I'm surprized that you didn't put in Mr. Jay's comment about Sara biting joanie. I loved that XDD

damn it! I'm reading this in my College's library and they're all staring at me like I'm crazy, but I don't care at all ^______^

this was such a nice friday pick me up! thanks.


Jade as Nomi Malone is the best thing ever! That used to be my signature move, but perhaps Jade needs it more than I do!

miss mandi

Danielle should absolutely win - she's by far the best looking. But she's going to get knocked off the last show because of her heavy Arkansas accent, and she's not as plucky (or kicky) as Joanie. Joanie and her phantom snaggle tooth will win. This makes me sad.

Jade will get knocked off after Sara, and then she can go back to NYC, which is a preposterous town full of courageful, intrepidatious, interlectual, awespirational people just like her.


I don't have speakers on my work pc (we're formal like that) but I do have DJ Muro's mix of Edwin Starr's "I Just Wanna Do My Thing" (we're informal like that) and I must say that Furonda's dance in the clip works well.


NOMI! You can't top that one. Damn, you're good. And I love you for it.


miss mandi ...
Don't be knocking New York, buh-itch.

miss mandi

Yo Rod,
I live in NYC. Brooklyn, bitch. I myself am courageful and interlectual, just like Jade.


Okay, I missed this episode so I missed the context of the breathy anger, which is probably why when I just listened to it, I thought it sounded like she was having makeup sex.


Another hot one! I'm getting sick of Joanie's new speach and I'm pretty sure she's gonna win. But I'm still so TEAM DANIELLE!!


what can i say?
this has been the best recap yet of this season's ANTM.
it was worth the extra wait.


i was wondering when you were going to mention joanies new speech impediment. she sounds like shes wearing a retainer.
how sara and furanda-man-hands got this far in the competition is ridiculous.
loved the jeneane garafalo reference.


"no stubbies" indeed danielle my love, "no stubbies" indeed....


I'm sorry, but Fugronda's dismissal was LONG overdue...And Sarah has WAY more potential than Jade and everyone knows it...she is funny as hell, but unfortunatly she also smells like bitch. Joanie for LIFE


well shit.... i always try to be the first one to pop that blog cherry every week.. but I still love ya... although i havent been too impressed with some recent blogs... this one and the last couple got me back on the fourfour train... i loved Furonda's dance.. for some reason i saw myself starting to like her... well over Jade and Sara Cheap, and Cheap..... her farwell walk was classic.. she worked that runway like no ones buisness.


Stellar recap as usual! I'm surprised you didn't use "I have a stomache condition [!]... and you just have to learn to model through it." (paraphrasing) as one of this week's Tyraisms. Since I heard that, from now the act of perserverence will be referred to as "modeling through it", for example: "Traffic was hell, but I modeled through it", "My power point presentation wouldn't work right, but I modeled through it", "the doctor says I have a cancerous mole, but I'll model throught it."

Is it just me or has this show gone completely batshit? The rules and advice are truly TYRARBITRARY. I actually said to myself "this was the stupidest episode ever", which of course means that it was the BEST. EPISODE. EVER.

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