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The Gabbery

We wrote about Star at - not typepad.


Wow, thanks for this, hilarious.

One thing: "drop a dime" became slang for ratting long before our girl here; even then it didn't literally mean phoning..

Awesome read and view, thanks for the laffs.

Tipsy McStaggers

I too have stopped using mascara on my false lashes - its called growing up people


Oh my God, I almost spewed my drink out all over my computer after I heard the '...(pause) Cornbread' remark and then read your commentary on it. Ahhhh, good stuff. You are a brilliant writer, I love this site.


I now have a full blown crush on you and your blog. ". . . doctor who operated on the late Jayne Mansfield's son Zoltan when he was mauled by the lion." Hold me!


if you close your eyes, she sounds like Judge Judy...could Florrie be Judy?!?!?!?!?!

haha, thanks for the daily laughs rich!

messalina 6-500

I'm so in love with the fact that during the entirety of the first clip, she's waving an unlit cigarette around. It's just a little detail, like the unadorned false eyelashes, that adds to the aura of total batshitness.

I must buy this and watch it immediately. At least sometime before I'm electrocuted at Sing Sing, which, according to Florrie, is teh fate that must surely await me.


Actually I think she sounds like Janice.


Jerri is still hotter.


Much like Dr. Dre, just when I think you can't throw down any more hot shit, you do.


From her book (of rambling lies) Florrie saus the Zoot Suiter gave her first shot
in booth of nightclub -- she said
that night after she got home she wanted MORE...and soon turned him into her "18K pimp" so she could afford more "horse".

ps --
I saw the SWC film and it sinks under weight of low budget, clunky direction, horridly unfunny guest "star" cameos, and our Amy Sedaris reportedly brain-fried and off-kilter from sweltering in fat suit and turtle-neck during the 5 week (un-air conditioned) July shoot in NJ.

Stephen VanDyke

I think we found Ann Coulter's mom here.


From an AP article on the upcoming Strangers with Candy movie:

"The inspiration for "Strangers with Candy" came when [Stephen] Colbert, 42, and [Paul] Dinello, 43, saw a PSA that featured a tough-talking motivational speaker named Florrie Fisher who lectured students about her days as an addict and prostitute."

Rich, you're positively UNCANNY!


Yes! LARGE MARGE from Pee-Wee!


to follow up on the Helen Hunt debate, I think the film where she doses and goes out the window is ANGEL DUSTED, not DESPERATE LIVES. either way, it's no QUARTERBACK PRINCESS.

and florrie is totally jade's godmother. god that's brilliant.

Todd Essents

She's far less funny and interesting than Jerri Blank. In fact, I think she's a non-story, which is likely why we've never heard or cared about her before.

I kept waiting for the funny part where she freaks out or does something - anything - interesting or wild, but she's no different than any other 'real life' speaker in high school.

Without the Strangers tie in, who would care?

Marc B.

I really enjoyed the video clips, but I can't help feeling you're making a way bigger deal out of some of her comments and attitudes. Her terminology is representative of the way most people talked before the 1980's. Just watch a Dean Martin roast and you'll realize how hypersensitive we've become. The humor comes from the anachronism. Cripple, retarded, colored, and faggot were used casually and not in a derogotory fashion back then.

Florrie's tone and personality remind me of several of my cool aunts on the Italian side. She'd be a hoot to shoot heroin with. She is definitely not alone in her use of hyperbole to get her point across.


Oh Todd quit being a bitch.

Clearly (said like Jerri)...clearly this woman is a sight to behold. She is an assault on the eyes and a puzzle to the ears. What more do you want? Feces on the desk surface?


If Joan Rivers were a rough-around-the-edges motivational speaker, she would sound just like Florrie.


this is the single greatest blog entry I have ever seen anywhere
Florrie is national treasure

Tony Lagarto

You can learn a lot more about Florrie Fisher by reading her book, "The Lonely Trip Back." Plus, a few people have given me updates about what happened to Florrie after she got back into more trouble in the late 1970s. Soon I'll be updating her bio information on this page:


hahaha omg, hilarious!


Here you can leave your mark


Oh God. I remember Florrie from the '70s! She was on the David Frost show. I think those of us who were teenagers in the '70s think we still look 30, but I guess that's because we looked 30 when we were 16! Great.

Can you make at least one more recap of CNTM when it wraps up? Sisi is giving good show.

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