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The acknowledgment of the existence of that Simpson thing is astonishing. You didn't pay cash money for that did you? I just don't see you at a store paying for it, or sitting in front of an iTunes screen downloading it, or walking down the street and a naked Joe Simpson begging your listening it, or cleaning Winston's litter and amongst the bits of corn finding it ...


I completely agree on The Knife. They have that "Kate Bush" flair that sub par musicians like Charlotte Martin have been trying to emulate for years.

Playing a piano with your vagina does not a Kate Bush make. The Knife definitely prove that with their music.


I have never successfully listened to my Lyfe Jennings cd all the way through. He may be able to sing but the minute he starts talking I go into seizures. "Ay yo you" makes me cringe.
I've never thought Janet was a strong singer just a great entertainer so her so newest songs aren't a big disappointment to me.

And as for the throwback of the week, Reason #4358875 why I heart you. I have this cd and it took some doing to find it. I love "As We Lay" but one of my top three favorite songs of all time next to Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed and Mint Condition's So Fine, is Shirley's "Without You". I'm going to have to break out that cd tonite and have a mini concert in the living room.


i love SO EXCITED as well... My favorite is the breathless, spoken "Breathe" that comes right as the song begins. It's in line with her other one word command from WHEN I THINK OF YOU... You know, "Bass".


"As We Lay" is probably one of my top 10 favorite slow jams of all time. I was once a teenage insomniac, so "Quiet Storm" type songs have a special place in my heart.

Penny Woods

Nobody cares if you're first, nyah.

I have to agree that Lyfe Jennings is probably crazy. I've heard "Let's Stay Together." Eh, I'm not impressed. But he's still crazy.

I thought the Kelis album was okay, but at least it wasn't that horrid Tasty.

And yes, A Public's almost as bad as Ashlee Simpson's or Lindsay Lohan's latest. The difference: Somehow I made it through A Public Affair without stabbing my eardrums.

And I like the singles that Janet's leaked so far, although even if all the critics cream 20 Y.O., I'd still buy it.


I have a soft spot in my heart for Lyfe... homeless or not. His voice is so raw, and dispite his vulgarity (sometimes) he reminds me of church-raised Anthony Hamilton.

I too hope you didn't actually legally acquire Jessica Simpson.

I feel sorry for Kelis. She's spent her entire career singing backup on rap tracks and getting no love (even in the videos, even as recently as "I Love My Chick") and all she's waiting for is a break. I get that she's different from most other black female artists, but no, she's not really that wierd or different in the grand scheme of things.

I love your music reviews!


As I was walking to work this morning, taking advantage of a cloudy day (finally!) to listen to Silent Shout for the umpteenth during my commute, I couldn't get over just how f'ing amazing it was and immediately decided that it was, hands down, the best album of the year. I really hate to quote Pitchfork, but their labelling of it as "haunted house" was perhaps the best call I've heard in a while. Mysterious, somber, but highly danceable - how can someone not like this shit! Anyway, thanks for affirming what I just realized this morning. Now I just have to get over the fact there's no way in hell I'll be able to see them in NYC (why must you play on Wednesday? why????).


Haha, I'll admit it: I DID buy the JS album, but only after I'd downloaded it. I wanted to check the liner notes, is all -- I really didn't expect them to credit the Cars and Fleetwood Mac samples. I was surprised that they did.


Rich, you never fail to deliver the goods. I can't begin to tell you how much you inspired me to start my own site. Your e mail today made me squeal with delight in my sad little cubicle. Besides gushing over your music review, I wanted to thank you for Shirley Murdock's HAIR. I've been mulling over a "big hair of the Eighties" post, and that sealed the deal. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting As We Lay! Love that song.


what, no review of danity kane? i got the cd for free and it's not that bad. i only like about 2 or 3 songs but that's basically the stuff is so pop and i'm an rNb chick. as far as kelis, she's got a cool song on the step up soundtrack (no, i did not and will not see that movie) called 80s joint that's nice. as for lyfe, i like the stuff off his first CD. i'll listen to phoenix eventually.


I have always adored Kelis. "Get Along With You" is exquisite to me, and the acoustic version is even better in a haunting way. I also like "Blindfold Me," mostly because of the go-go boy inside me talking. But then again, I only recently realized what "fourfour" meant, so my musical knowledge/tastes are admittedly sheltered.

And Jessica Simpson needs to be stopped at all costs. Like with a robot from the future stopped at all costs.


thanks for Shirley Murdock song. love it.


Jessica Simpson has somehow managed to drain all exuberance and fun out of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" and for that she will not be forgiven.

I like Kelis' new haircut, and her Dr. Luke song isn't bad. Janet's new one could be improved greatly with an elaborately choreographed video. When her videos got smaller, so did her career. She needs to get back.


I heard J.Simp's "You Spin Me Round" re-imagining on the radio the other day and to be honest, I really rather liked it. Is there really a track on her new record called "Push Your Tush," or is that from the new Lyfe Jennings?


You are freaking me out today Rich! It's like we share a brain. I've admitted repeatedly in life that I do not have the ability to tell when Janet is putting out crap. It's like a dog whistle. Or the cell phones that only 13 year olds can hear. And...although they are much more obscure than my usual taste, a friend knew of my Kate Bush fascination and turned me on to the Knife recently. Haven't looked back. AND...I have hair like Shirley Murdoch. (But not always the cajones to work it out like that.)


"As We Lay"! How could I love something so much and forget it so completely. Sometimes it's a defense mechanism, but in this case, thanks for reminding me. Thanks, mister.


Goddamn if I am not SHIVERING with pleasure over that song.

Michael my roommate clipper cuts his nappy do, the guide falls off and he scalps a spot.....I convince him to go clean....I finish the job for him....Shirley sings....I leak.

OK, I'll stop now. Have I thanked you already?

Me...Starring Me

you are so on point...."As We Lay" makes an affair sound like a good idea.


Rich, I can't believe you don't like Lyfe Jennings. I love his gritty songwriting and you can feel the pain in his voice. Not many R&B singers can do that these days..he reminds me of a blues singer such as Bobby "Blue" Bland or ZZ Hill. Folks who could take you places with their voices (Solomon Burke too) I think he's a gift singer/songwriter.

Gotta love Shirley Murdock.."As We Lay" , "Husband" and of course her wonderful vocals on "Computer Love"

You lost me with Jessica Simpson and Knife.

And I love Kelis, its good to see someone different drop more than one disc. I mean where is Res? Why isn't Nika Costa getting more shine?


But I do like Lyfe! As usual, I'm ambivalent, but I call him "brilliant!"

Chicago's Babygirl

I too am a lyfe Jennings fan, there is something sexy about that scruff. I am also overjoyed that he cut his hair. He's yummy with that guitar of his.

As for Kelis, I listened to snippets on ITunes, have not decided if I will download it in it's entirety, but there were a few cuts that I liked.

JJ and JS are not pulling my interest, but I will listen to the snippets when the time comes.

As for Ms. Shirley, I dig As We Lay, but I really love Found My Way, Oh What A Feeling, and If I Know. Husband and Go On Without You were mentioned also by other posters. Love those too! Oh hell, she made MANY jams, can't deny her or her fab hair! LOL


Rich, you're my hero. I love how the music coverage on New york Magazine is consistently ridiculous. I love the mag otherwise but every statement they attempt, music-wise, is wrong-wrong-wrong. It's been my bête noire for months and I feel vindicated knowing that I'm not the only one.

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