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I'm boycotting the show. No, screw that. Boycotting the world. Until I get my weekly doses of the woodland nymph that is my Alison, I shall refuse food and drink and even breath.

Vive la Alison!


That format would be AWESOME. Especially because my computer is a piece of SHIT and freezes up everytime I try to listen to one of your sound clips.

In my dreams, you do recaps of Flavor of Love 2 and you're so hot when you're retelling the story of the girl who took a shit on Flavor Flav's floor. Just thinking about it "gets me off."



Complete utter bullshit. I knew you would feel the same way.


I honestly cried when Alison left....I was not expecting it and have never ever cried during a reality show before. I can't believe it crushed me so much


love that audio format.
didn't get to finish watching the show tonight--now i'm all sad and don't know if i can bring myself to watch it.
and her cute little horsie comment at the beginning . . . awwww

judge jru

When I dream...I dream in FourFour.


i'm completely baffled right now. 1) her design was far from the worst (vincent, kayne); 2) she was an attractive, distinctive personality; 3) kayne was allowed to stay based on his previous work but allison's routinely great and hip clothes couldn't be factored in? i don't think i've ever liked a PR designer more than her, so that's one reason to stop watching. a bigger reason is that this show almost completely lost its credibility in one night.

Messalina 6-5000

That was so, so sad. Oh, Lordy, that sucked. And then they had to go and show more of Laura's "breast" than I ever needed to see, so I was crying AND my eyes were burning.

I like the new audio format, though, that's pretty sweet.


AH! I'm DLing the show as I type! But now I'm gonna be sad through the whole show.

PS. LOVE the new audio format!


In my dreams, you ride the unicorn with Allison. I knew she was too good to stay.

Sound format is awesome - please do it!

Joshua Loke

What the...? Doom is upon us. This has to be the biggest injustice in like, forever. Alison's garlic of a dress was loads better than half of the other contestants...

P.S. Greetings from Sydney, Australia by the way. This is the first time I'm commenting on your great site (which I check out religiously) - You write the funniest things ever! The new sound format is fab!

P.P.S. I dream that Winston maims me in my sleep, mid-dream.


mp3, all the way


Alison leaving is utter bullshit. I too have never loved a PR contestant more than I love Alison. I can't fathom the logic behind letting Vincent stay, and dumping Alison -- the only progressive thinker and *actual* individual on the show this season. Joining forces with Uli and Michael, she was in my prediction for top three. Now that this has happened, I am disgusted at the new possibilities.


i can't believe they did that...i'm really in shock! vincent sends madness down the runway on a weekly basis and kayne's model looked like she got attacked by an alien; far worse than allison dress. very bad decision...

like the new sound format, upgrade :)

and i dream of T.I.


I only wish I had seen the episode when we usually show it at the bar. The cry of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" would have been something to behold.


Not only can I not stand losing Alison, but I REALLY can't stand losing her to fucking Vincent. I love his insanity as much as the next person, but he is ass. I miss Alison Bear already.


Well. It's a strange episode -- so much to love and so much to hate.

On the one hand, they boot Allison. Which is very very wrong, plus it makes all of Care Bear town very very sad.

On the other, in the same episode, they release the "Full Tilt Boogie Laura Bitchtastic Extravaganza of Huff" (good times) AND the make-up man SPEAKS...


New format, please!

Allison looked just as shocked as I was when they told her she was "out." That was completely wrong. Vincent??? Over Allison??? I'll never understand. They have to kick Vincent off next week just to restore balance to the Universe.


What the frig? Alison getting kicked off really bums me out. Granted I like her mainly for her personality and she is hot hot hot, but I didn't think her dress was THAT bad. Vincent is a complete retard. Nothing he has made is any good at all, and he is such a dweeby douchebag. Who says "arty" anyway? I sure am glad his dress "got him off" though. Fuckin' hippie. He must've lost his talent when the Dead broke up.

I think the producers and judges decided that neither Alison nor Vincent would make the top three, so why not let Vincent keep going and in so doing film his inevitable freak-out.

I am sick of Kayne, too. He is just flaming enough to be irritating, but not flaming enough to be hilarious--I actually miss Andrae! If I hear him announce that he is from the south one more time I am gonna drive to Oklahoma and beat the shit out of him. Duh, Kayne, we have heard accents from south of the Mason-Dixon line before...And I hate your Johnny Lydon hair, and your goofy bobble-head mannerisms.

Robert has opened my eyes, since I didn't think a guy that effeminate could be so bland.

Laura sucks. Her stuff is boring--oh, wow, another dress with cleavage that goes down to the navel--and she is a complete witch. She is so flat-chested she is concave for chrissakes. How many women are as deformed as she is? I never see them in public...I can only hope that she continues to ride Vincent until he cries or totally wigs and hits her.

Whew! I had to vent. At least I can look forward to the doazens of "Alison worship" sites that will start popping up.


I've lost all faith in the taste of Project Runway judges. How could they kick out Alison over batshit crazy Vincent?!?!?! His dress was hideous and he kept saying that he "got off" on it. EW!

I like this format better b/c I use firefox. With that browser whenever I click on a link a blank window would open (that's annoying as it is cause I'm in the middle of reading the damn blog) and then nothing would play. Nothing would download. iTunes wouldn't open. I just stopped bothering w/ the mp3s. So I like this new format. Vive la revolution!


tater is verklempt, all actions must cease on the internet for 5 minutes today at noon, for a period of public mourning for Alison kitty...

oh yeah... your format, its fine with the tater... (who, like Robert, loves to speak of himself in the 3rd person)


Bullshit. A kindergartener with a pair of scissors and a barbie could have made Vincent's outfit. Who exactly did he fuck in the '80's?

Little soft voiced Alison should still be with us.


Yes. Yes. And yes. Agreement all around.

BTW--This episode made me flashback to when they booted Malan. All the PR people kept congratulating each other on the integrity of the show.

"See! We don't keep designers on just for an interesting (read: cracked out) persona! We're so noble!"

Bull. Shit.

Swede And Czech

I admit that I love the sweetest-girl-in-the-whole-damn-world, but that was just a sad little (or should I say big?) creation.

As much as I despise Vincent, it was our girl's time to go.

As for the sound bite thing - I think it rocks!

And you are in my dreams, of course. You're ironing my clothes while naked. I hope that doesn't creep you out...

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