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Now *that* was comedy.

hmmmm.... theres a pun here im just too lazy to find it


OH! EM! GEE! Something so simple... so brilliant. I am going to start feeding my cat corn.

Gretchen Weiners

If Winny were my cat I would have squeezed him to death by now.


Ohmagad he's so cute! Aww... my cat does that, too, except she knocks it out of my hand first.



I love you even more because you were watching the Simpsons while filming this short.


Corny, yes. Still, very very cute.


Oh my goodness - that is adorable! Winston eats corn...that is so bizarre! I've never heard of a cat eating corn before. He totally needs a pair of bib overalls to wear while eating corn on the cob.


I have a new kitten. His name is George. He's 10 weeks old. He's wicked cute. He doesn't eat corn yet. He's kind of spastic. He likes to chew on the electrical cords behind the stereo/TV. I don't like that. Sometimes I wake up at 2:30 am and he's biting my earlobe. I don't like that either. He follows me from room to room, which I kind of like. He seems most fascinated by watching me take a shower. When I sit on the can he jumps into his litter box, as if reminded "oh yeah, I gotta go to." Usually, he wakes me up in the morning by sitting on my head and licking my face. I like that most of all.


Is it me, or does Winston not actually "eat" the corn? He kind of sniffs it, licks it, and then almost does the mysterious "cat stink face" I've heard so much about but never seen (apparently when a cat encounters something it doesn't like, it will roll it's head back away from said something, squint their eyes a bit, and slightly open their mouth while turning head away). If you bring Winston to Houndstooth tomorrow I would totally consider flying out there on my private jet (which is also invisible).


He actually *was* eating the corn before I turned the camera on. But yeah, only light nibbling here. I still thought it was fucking weird.


My cat eats everything except for stuff that cats are "supposed" to like(cream, tuna, etc) He likes beer, but only belguim beer, he likes most cereals, peas, tomato sauce, raisins.
He probably would eat corn. If he does then him and Winnie could go to a corn roast and we could bill them as "the Corn Cats" and we would be millionaires.


This is what my life is reduced to.. The most entertaining part of this day was watching a cat sniffing a corn cob... Gawd, I am pathetic... I think its time to sit in my chair and watch one of the dogs my wife insists on allowing to live in this house chase his tail or lick his ass... Of course I am just jealous because I wish I could do those things...


i will not make a comment about poo; how yellow will look nice mingled with the brown, gray and blue in the litterbox; or how that's totely a green giant nibbler


Wanna hear something weird? My cat eats the marshmallows out of the lucky charms box. I'll dump a whole pile on the ground and she picks out just the marshmallows.


I used to have a cat that loved Doritos.


Now I want a Green Giant Nibbler for dinner.


haha Winnie's too cute! my old cat Elsa who sadly has passed on, used to love her steamed corn, popcorn and mcdonalds french fries. she'd go apeshit over those fries. sniff.


For the first millisecond, I thought Winston was speaking to the corn cob.

Had he actually done this, I would be worshipping him as my new God right now.

As it is, my current hero is Rich, but only when I picture him flying around like a superhero with Winston tucked under his arm, looking vaguely pained at having to fly places.


I wanna know what Rudy eats. Something tells me he is a pure carnivore, just like his jungle-cat forebearers. It would be fun to watch him attack one of those barbershop-pole thingies of gyro meat, heh heh.

my cats both love to eat lettuce.



my cat was s dumster diver and eats everything, even black licorice and yams.


i like the handmodel pose of whoever was holding the cob.


Hmmm, is it the corn or the butter on the corn that attracts this cutie pie? In either case, pretty cute video.

My kitty who died last summer used to go bonkers for McDonald's french fries, too. I used to throw them across the room ... he'd watch them fly through the air, then pounce and act all proud about "catching" them. He was a cutie pie, too. A kitty very much like Rudy (don't touch me! don't touch me!) has taken his place.

Oh Rich, did you know you'd be running a grieving/crazy cat owner site?


I had a cat who ate corn - at first we thought he just liked the butter, but he could clean a cob!
If he hadn't been a boy cat, I would have re-named him Carol Channing ("Corn? When did I have corn?")

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