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Jeffrey was truly the victim of editing this week- the bonus footage on bravo's website proves that Angela's mom was more manipulative than they let on. I'm not saying he didn't show bad judgement, but I'd have been tempted to kick Angela's mom.

Also, you forgot to mention the hilarious reaction of Laura's mom to her having another kid. She was all: "DAMMIT WOMAN, USE A CONDOM!"


Still not seeing the Joan Kors Wikipedia entry...


Like mother like daughter. Angela's mom, much like Angela is a self-serving, manipulative, bitch who would sooner use her feminine power of "crying" to get her way than shut up and pull herself up by her bootstraps. Jeff's design was pretty bad, but no matter what he would have designed Angela's mom would have bitched and cried. Unless he gave her a kelly green blazer with applique purple bunnies, this bitch would have wailed and whined. Cunts like this make me glad to be gay.


I'm so glad to help you find the cap! ^^

another good one. LOL about the Tom of finland (I though "david's 'Tom of finland?'" XDDDD)and I think it was sooo wrong of him to make fun of angela's mom; I don't care that it's angela's mom. she' still a mom and deserves respect, you got it?

and Laura, though she'll never be Alison, has grown on me, along with Micheal.


I'm gonna have to hop on the side of Jeffrey's defense. First of all, one can't assume that he would treat all clients like that because in the real world, the client chooses the designer they want to hire, not some crazy velvet bag in the hands of a crazy German chick with boobs that could knock you out cold. Secondly, it doesn't suprise me one bit that Darlene turned out to be such a whiney bitch...just look at Angela. The apple doesn't fall far and all that, and really...was the situation SOOO horrible that she had to go to another room and cry instead of smacking the shit out of Jeffrey or getting Tim to mediate? Please. Everyone's a victim when there's a camera in their face.

I love PR, but honestly, the amount of cheese and predictability is getting to me. How convenient that Jeffrey got stuck with the mother of his nemesis without any other choice. How convenient that they would allow Vincent to start taking his crazy pills after a few challenges, just so we'd all be distracted by the sudden lack of raging insanity.

/bitter rant. lol.


Your recaps are priceless!

Jeffery was an undeniable jerk, but Angela's mother was extremely annoying. Couldn't have been a worse match.

Uli definitely deserved to win.

The emphasis on the stupid drama is disappointing.

Dana Little

Oh my God, Michael's mother looks like Karl Lagerfeld.

Jeffrey is an A--HOLE and he looks dirty.


I wanted Laura's mother to be Cruella de Vil, but she turned out to be Anne Meara.

I wonder if Michael Kors bought his mother those glasses so that to her, he would look no more orange than anything else.


i LOVE laura so much.. i love that picture of her grinning and holding a muffin or whatever... i love that you said diabolical... but that Michigan J. Frog picture is one of the most brilliant things ever to come out of a projrun recap.

also, the daniel vosovic tom of finland thing is really funny.


choked on a grape over the "interchangeable heads" - no more eating during recaps for me.


To be fair, getting a tattoo on your puffy neck is humiliating enough to make anyone scold a middle aged, soft-spoken stranger.


You know what?
I don't care HOW much of a Golly Angela's mother was.

I think what was happening was that somewhere along the line over being called a client, she thought she could ask for whatever she wanted.
And you know what? She COULD ask.
Just not necessarily get.
I also think she might have been more than a little intimidated by being asked to model and appear on national tv and wanted to look her best.
In her mind that probably meant a tailored suit.

She could probably feel Jeffrey's revulsion even before they started talking and everything that came out of his mouth probably freaked her.

As for the blue thing, I suspect BS to some degree if only from the location of being afraid blue would make her look too severe.

All Jeffrey needed to do was turn on the charm just a little and if necessary, move her to the break room with a book and a drink and get work.

I love how he wants other people to do what he won't do himself.
If she was the client, he was the business owner trying to make money, and the judges are the venture capital board.
He has to please them all to succeed, even if ONLY with that charm.


You can't blame Robert for not making a wonderful design. Vincent's sister was a tank. What else could he have possibly made anyway?! A moo moo was all that would do.


I thought at the end when Kayne said to Robert, "You brighten my sunshine every morning" was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said on Project Runway.


Jeffrey's design was horrible. Why would you put a larger woman in purple? Barney anyone? And Robert's design was boring and unflattering. She looked like a big tomato.

Ulli should have won. And I loved Michael's coatdress. Great.

Jeffery made someone's mommy cry...what a JERK. Hope he's next.


I'm a little behind on the times, so I just saw Project Runway for the first time ever. As such, I had no idea the hideous long-necked tattooed monster was so mean, and I actually cried for the lady who had to work with him. Seriously, I cried.
Oh, and I didn't even notice you switched the Kors' heads around. I was just thinking they were both weird-looking, which they are, regardless of whose head is on whom.


It's called a mumu. And mean people suck.


This episode was sooo boring that I found myself doing the Jeffrey "Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!" in response to the stupid yammering.

I still think he should be chemically castrated and banished to Encino, from whence he likely came, but I share his tormented impatience at this point.


ugh, vincent is still so annoying. i loved it when he said that Uli's mom had "such a European air." yeah...cuz she's EUROPEAN.


that pic of michael kors and his mom is hilarious! when i saw them on the show i thought she looked like him in drag...or maybe he looks like her in drag.

and i agree that tim has become completely overexposed and passive aggressive.


best recap ever ! <3


I think we're confusing two separate issues with the show. First, the point seems to be lost that the central conflict of the show is that you take a basically capable group of designers, give them difficult challenges and see how they deal with these in terms of both design and personality.

While I admit that I've been disappointed in the season so far, my disappointment is in the designers, not the producers. With the exception of Michael and Uli, the designers have thrown up their hands and wailed and moaned and said, this is not my thing. Kayne's better than that mess he made for the garbage challenge. Jeffrey's a jerk, but he should be able to design something better than what he did for Angela's mom.

The other thing is that I don't think they have to manufacture drama. This is an older group than in previous seasons. It means they're likely to be more stuck in their ways, less inclined to roomates, less used to twin-sized beds, and less excited about the sleep schedule. It makes total sense that they're crankier. If you put me in an apartment with 3 people at this point in my life, I'd kill them. 10 years ago, I would have been psyched to hang out with them.


THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for the recaps. I have begun to crave your recaps more than the actual shows this season!! Project Runway producers (Andy, Michael Rucker) take note. This season is in the pits and I wouldn't even watch it if it weren't for this blog.


Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to Mondays!

Once again, hysterical! I have finally learned not to read Fourfour while I'm drinking coffee, eating, etc.


Joan Kors reminded me so much of Bunny MacDougal from SATC!

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