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you're right my bad sorry tanith direct what I wrote to the asshole that wrote it


hey mariaaaaa;

Don't call me kid!I guarantee I have about five years on you show some fuckin respect!!!

Samantha Hart

The instances that bothered me most were Laura's comments about her pregnancy. Whether she is thrilled about it or not, some of the things she said were more information than America needs to know. It's not my place to judge her attitude, but it is sad to think that someday that sixth child may see the episode where his/her mother and grandmother discuss the "joyous event" with such ambivalent attitudes. Maybe it's because another child is seen as part of the "Laura show" instead of as a real person - as if the baby was part of the script. For Laura to say she's tired of all the attention surrounding the pregancy, maybe the wisest thing to do would be to stop talking about it. It does make one wonder why she felt she had to share the news with the world in the first place. She is most likely happy about the news, but I for one would be grateful if she would either express how welcome the baby will be or say nothing more about it. It wouldn't hurt to show a little love and respect to all concerned.

Sarah W

If you don't know what is wrong with Jeffery's neck tattoo, read the comments from the prior week's episode. He is a loser poser.


that didn't last long.........
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We don't have an article with this title, Joan Kors, but you can either search for it or create it if you log in or create an account. As an unregistered user, you may also submit the content that you wish to have created. Please read our introduction for more information about Wikipedia. "

Sunday Surfer

I kind of agree with the sentiment that high fashion and true couture are not meant for fat people. It's supposed to be elitist and exclusive, not "average" and "everday". We have Ann Taylor and Banana Republic for that. Gucci, Versace, Chanel, etc. are meant for a very small, select clientele. The vast majority of whom certainly are NOT size 14 plus and make it their business to uphold the illusion of having the same figure and face they had at 25. Not EVERYTHING is meant for EVERYBODY, that's just the reality of life. One can NOT be/have/do anything they want (except in their fantasies), the sooner we all accept that, the more we'll dedicate passion to our real lives rather than ranting about how Gucci doesn't cater to the "real" woman population. Gucci will NEVER cater to size 16's, get over it.


Glad someone told me about this site. :)

We read from left to right. That means the name of Jeff's son is Harrison Detroit. What if they have another child or two? Where will Jeff put the tattoo(s) for the new kid(s)? Would he use Laura's line: "We threw him ('em) on the pile." That might fit on his neck.

Someone mentioned that during the PR interview process, Jeff didn't have the tattoo. She thinks he got it after he was tapped for the show. I wonder if he covered it with makeup. Hmm.


First time it! You are sooo funny!
I think Laura is a cold hearted b----, how can she possibly be the mother of six?


Pffft. I'm sorry, this conversation should totally be taken elsewhere, but I just can't resist. Miss Size 6, when you said "the world of high fashion" you didn't mean "the everyday woman", so stop trying to confuse other posters. YOU might take care of yourself to maintain your health and body shape, but the world of high fashion does not. I don't understand why you're talking about "taking care of the canvas first" or whatever, but maybe it's just because you've never heard of all of the models and fashion designers who overdosed on cocaine or heroin. (This might surprise you, but they really liked fashion too!) Or maybe you just forgot that you were talking about high fashion and you just switched to talking about yourself. And that's fine! Your own personal beliefs are fine! Just don't try to convince anyone that the world of high fashion is like you (healthy), because it just isn't true. Okay?

Anyway, I think we should just wrap up this mess of a discussion, but I seriously hope that cleared some shit up.

I'll never understand how people can get so lost in debates when it's in writing. That will always confuse the shit out of me.


I seriously laughed for about 5 minutes over the head switch between michael kors and mom... LOL!

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