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This just in at CNN:


This just in at CNN:


god. i've become a double poster. sorry.


"Does your grandfather look like this?"

Kids: "No!"

"Does your grandmother look like this?"

Kids "No!!"

"Does your president look like this?"

Kids "Hmm... well..."

Diamond Lil

Frightening. I mean, really, really frightening.

I'm wondering if the Creationalists believe in braces, because that punker kid with the lip ring who wants to be a bio-chemist could reaaaaalllly used some braces on his chompers.


It's important to note that I'm not trying to really bash anyone's beliefs, provided that they even attempt toward the rational and/or respectful. None of this shit (or Jesus Camp) would be nearly as entertaining to me if it weren't so extreme, you know?

Miss Educated

Those are the people who voted for Bush


I only have four comments on that video. And by comments, I mean screen grabs:


Wow. I liked how the kids they were asking all had the same glassy eyes and crazy smile. And seriously, that kid, with the lip ring who your first idea about him was "GOTH! Maybe he's there to tell freak people out!" And then he goes on about becoming someone to prove that god is right or whatever. Sheesh. But gee, how could we have forgotten about how GOD was around forever....not that anyone's ever seen him....But seriously, being a Christian has got to be pretty fun. But having to chew off your own foot fun, not mud-wrestling fun.

And I think that is one of the best songs ever. Behemoth lives!

michael jones

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baby trikes

I'm so glad you got over your fear - or are at least able to control it - for your children's sake. I hope I'll be able to do the same with a lot of my fears and anxieties. Thanks for this inspiring tale.

tricycle for toddler

Very beautiful tribute, my ears are teary as I write this, it is an anniversary for me as well. I lost my mom 6 years ago today, on Halloween, I still think of this as a unusual time to have died. But that is the date, I loved your memorys, as they show her attentive touch, grandmothers just know.

baby tricycle

A wonderful rememberance and tribute. Oh how I owuld love to make beans like she did! Tonight you put out a little food for her, right?

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