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Awesome Rich!! You make the wait til Mondays SO LONG!!!

I didn't notice the yellow thing until you pointed it out, but that's so funny!


Another hilarious re-cap. Great way to start my morning.


first... Hee nice recap.
-I'm now haunted by the mental image of Ms Jay's balls.
-I agree with the porno comment but I overall though all the shooting looked porno-ish.
-I don't agree with Brittany's makeover. I though that she looked great. Oh well, maybe it's because I have the same haircut/color. Duh!! lol
-Btw, I think the "camera loooooveeees felicia!!!" ;)


thanks as always for the memories. especially of miss jay's ashy balls. i SHOULDA known from the look of his ankles and kneecaps in seasons past.


During last week's episode, two people asked me (separately, and during different scenes) whether Jaslene is deaf, upon hearing her speak for the first time.

And now i'm thinking, well, maybe she is. I mean, that would be just like Tyra could keep something like that under wraps until the 3-weeks-to-the-finale big reveal.


I'm pretty sure Cassandra said "I'm still fierce!" as she was packing to leave. Fiercewatch 2K7!

Was it covered before or not that Tyra is constantly hiding her weave behind do-rags this season? Any insight Rich? Brilliant commentary as always!


Rubber poop..hee hee hee...


I think you're swell.

Rubber poo.....blood-red baboon butt....Twiggaywad....I love brownies...god damn it that was good stuff.

Twiggaywad - HA!!

But seriously now, where is Dionne????

La Femme Nikita

So, am I the only one who saw Natascha post-makeover and thought Season One 90210 Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty? Rich, I think you missed a real opportunity there... We need a side-by-side.


erm, my comment above makes [i]slightly[/i] more sense if you replace "could" with "to"

Tyra gets cheap lace front wigs that wont stay glued down. That's why she's always hiding them underneath those doo-rags. And got the nerve to talk about Cassandra's sew in wig! Tyrade better get better glue for her lace fronts before talking about anyone else!


Oh well not first then :'( hehe

-I though that Jaslene looked especially trannyish this episode.
-True about Clay Aken's similarity with Sarah. Weird because as much as she annoyes me, she also facinates me. I love her cartooness -a feature that was accentuated with the brown-colored die. I kept wondering why she seemed so familiar. 1)she poses like a character from a manga (japanese comic). Although, if she wanted to do really bad, she could do like this (random googled photo):
2)And then I remembered a bad french comic that I read a few years ago (which I keep only because it's so bad):

So there you go...

Penny Woods

I know this sounds generic, but the weekly Pretty Parties are brilliant! I don't know what else to say about them.


Here's the plan: Once Natasha, Jael and Renee get kicked off this farce and have to go back to their miserable lives, you approach them with an offer to star in your directing debut "Fuck my tear ducts (hard!!)"
In the DVD version, Natasha adds a Russian voice-over and Renee tells us how she did it all for her son. And as a bonus Tyra shows us what they should have done differently ("Porn but make it fashion!")!!


I am loving Jaslene. Now with her makeover she seemed to not look soooo super skinny/tranny but more light and sweet like Penelope Cruz. I bet she really is deaf and there will be some dramatic reveal of her struggle later on but she wants to keep it a secret. Maybe she has a cochlear implant so she can hear and you don't see it but didn't have it as a kid, thus she learned to speak while still deaf.

HATE Renae, serious she is a dude because I don't know any chicks who want to kick that much ass or blatently say they want to punch another girl in the face that often and for no reason. I seriously hope her breakdown next week gets her kicked off. Plus her hair looks awful and makes her look a lot like a man. She is probably post partum and needs serious counseling. Maybe Tyra will find out and send her to rehab since she is such a "mama" to the girls.

Natasha is totally a disco diva, I guess that is why I am so drawn to her. I love her.

THanks again Rich!!!

Toothy Tile

1) The Clay Aiken comparison is brilliant.

2) I'm 100% Team Jaslene now. She's FIERCE.

I think there was another FIERCE uttered during the judges' deliberation ("the judges will now deliberate!") when everyone was hating on Whitney. Tyra said something along the lines of "Whitney is FIIIIEEEEERCE and ya'll are just jealous"
-Another Fierce 2k7 watcher


Natasha post-makeover totally reminded me of Dannii Minogue! I had trouble finding a pic of her with bangs, this is the best I could find.

But I think you hit the nail on the head with Sabrina Salerno...since after watching her video I am convinced Dannii is her clone.


My favorite Tyraism (if you could call it that) was when Jael was crying at panel and told Tyra it was because her friend died. Tyra responded with "It's okay. That is the ONE time it's okay to NOT be a model."

Loves it.

Boston Jason

Thanks Rich! My Monday is complete! The Gayken to Sarah makeover was my favorite part!



i totally laughed at Jael's "OH NO!" too - if it weren't so tragic of course. She sounds stoned all the time. Tyra was right to get this girl into the house just to save her from herself!

Law Diva 1908

Brittany's hair is ridiculous, but I just wanted to comment on "the earrings you were are called Dolphins, right?" that way my favorite comment even though I'm sure everyone didn't get it - genuis!


"Is it tasteless to call this 'blubbering,' since she's a plus-size and all?"

BRILLIANT. Coffee darn near made its way out my nose just now. <3


Why didn't we get more information on the details of Jael's friend's overdose? Was it heroin?? This would have been a perfect opportunity for Tyra to educate the girls on the dangers of drug abuse in the modeling industry!

I thought the funniest thing by far this episode was Natasha's attempt to put on her own makeup during the Covergirl challenge, and the woman's remark of "I don't know if I would have gone with such a strong lip..." LOL

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