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YES!!! I knew that Latin man was fine!!! Pleasehavesexwithmewhereveryouwant!

me from uk

cool bananas


True story: I loved Showgirls so much, I named my dog Nomi. She's a whore, too, darlin'


Wasn't that Krysten Ritter, lately of Gilmore Girls, in the audience of the Goodwill fashion show?


tyra is lookin pretty hot when she's not wearing those satin sleeveless dresses with big hair.

will someone please shoot jael and put her out of her misery.


Waiting an additional day definitely paid off! I came into the office early today to read your recap right away.
How much do we all LOVE Natasha?!? I hope on makeover day the sew Cassandras old wig into Natasha's hair to make it even more rug-like. And her "mail order bride" storyline is incredibly promising. Just wait for the one-on-one in which Tyra tells her to divorce her husband and have a life of her own. " I'm so thanking Tyra-master for make me free from marriage-slavery! "
Go Narussia!!


That model totally looked like cousin Shelly. I'm glad I wasn't alone in thinking this.

I have a feeling Natasha might get her hair cut off. Can you imagine how awesome it will be to see her freak out??

Fierce recap Rich.


Ahhhhh, ANTM recaps. My life is once again, complete.

Penny Woods



Valerie Cherish/Aunt Sassy Hair!!!

Cotdamn I love you Rich.


I love it! I think your recaps alone are the reason I heart ANTM so much!

Your recap made me realize how much I'm going to miss Kathleen!

Damn you!



Yay! Great recap! Missing ANTM includes missing your recaps, so I am glad they're both back!
I have a very good feeling about this season, especially since last season was kinda garbage (but still amazing, since it is ANTM we're talking about)... I still don't have a fav though!

slut pants mcghee

LOL. this recap made me less likely to slap my boss and quit my job today. my credit card bills thank you.

They'd better keep the Russian chick around for awhile - for my amusement, basically. And that pixie Sara - take her down a notch!!


Jaslene totally looks like angry Frida Kahlo in her "Pretty Party" shot. Rich, I would totally pick up her "All Day/Every Day" cassette single from my local Coconuts or just tape it by holding my walkman up to the radio. House music. All night long.

I'm just happy there are 2 girls from the Chitown area that are scrubbing the Monique stink away, though it may take some time. I, too, was stunned at how gorjus Jaslene looked in her photo - who the fuck knew?

They booted the wrong girl - Kat was a mental dial-tone, granted, but girl pulled off stunning pics. Even tho the fur one was "eh", remember the table shot at the "party". DAYUM. The proper girl to boot 1st episode is the chick that makes you go, "Who was that again?" Which is Felicia.

The one area where Ty actually practices what she preaches is when she insists the girls commit to doing something even if they have no idea what the fuck they're doing and will most definitely look retarded. Just jump in and fucking SELL IT like you haven't an ounce of shame. Witness the Stepping. Or last years Flamenco Freak-out Flashback. Seriously, CariDee had the competition wrapped up when she spent 15 minutes rolling around on the floor playing Rainman Hide-N-Go Seek. Tyra likes her girls to be as shameless as her. Take note, ladies!

Rich, did you see Australia's Next Top Model on VH1? These foreign bitches - ugh - no drama. All soft spoken and shit. BORING.


Tyra banks is hot, even now when she's fat.

You're right, this was epic and well worth the wait. Thank you so much!!!!


I only saw the last 10 minutes, but I could tell they gave up a goldmine with Kathleen. She was even one of the prettier ones, even if she was slow.

The best thing about ANTM is it means you Recaps :)

Law Diva 1908

Ahhhh! I was waiting for this since yesterday...LOVE IT!

Mike in NY

ANTM recaps are back and life is good!

I happened to catch half of Australia's NTM on VH1 last night an wondered if you too were lying in your bed watching it.
The Aussie models 1st pictures were WAY better than America's group. But I also felt like I was watching an unfunny episode of "Kath & Kim".

James Derek Dwyer

incredible. almost makes me feel better about Kathleen hitting the road. Maybe she'll find a coat somewhere along there...


If I go out and copyright "America's Next Top Train Wreck Ghetto Bitch", would Tyra have to pay me royalties for this season?

...and as a straight, white, married male, I've never hung on waiting for what a gay man had to say until the period of time between when I saw this episode and when I could read the four four recap. Awesome.

But how could you leave out the part where the one girl had to ask for her weave back from a friend and then had it sewn in? That was low hanging fruit!


I love you and I've missed you.


I miss Monday's placeholder pic of Tyra. She looked like a Dementor out of Harry Potter.

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