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makes perfect sense u would take this rich

u are so on top of ur game


congrats mr.44 , your choices are far out especially the dude dancing to love island by fatboy slim while a 4-year old girls watches/judges? i'm intrigued. winston owes you a foot rub.

congrats rich. kinda figured you'd win though :)


Congratulations, Rich! I'll have to come back to finish reading this post...gotta get to work...but I just wanted to be SO goofy and stop by your blog to say...

Hey FourFour! Today is Four Four! Get it? 4/4/2007?

'Scuse me y'all...just feeling a bit goofy.


Congratulations! I hope they eliminated people a la tyra - 'you are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Tube Time Winner'
Your videos are amazing - i'll always have a special place in my heart for the living dolls one.


Congrats! I knew "Why Must I Cry" would be a winner for someone somewhere when I first saw it months ago. I think you should interview him for your blog...

Penny Woods

Poor Jessica. I think "My Pussy Is Magic" is genius.

slut machine

also, people were laughing at the video of a bear ripping off a man's face. how is that suffering ok to laugh at, yet the one that lacked physical violence (but had dancing children and infants bathing!)was considered too insensitive? those people that said shit about that are total tools. i was sitting next to one of them. i kept giving him dirty looks. i don't think he saw though.


"Shane King's fruity skills pay his bills"


Congrats Rich!
you're always the best!


Rich, I know the exact kind of audience you were dealing with at Anthology. Believe me, I would have stood and clapped loudly for Mr Shane. Fuck them if they don't get it. That shit is hilarious. I just wish you would have included the scene where the mother talks about growth hormones for her boy...


They don't know Reh Dogg like we know Reh Dogg. "Why Must I Cry" is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hiss entertaining skills. The message may be serios but his videos are pure comedy. You should have played "You Call Me Ugly". That right there keeps me in tears.


To me, "You Call Me Ugly" was the first indication that Reh Dogg was maybe in on the joke he was creating. That shit is straight-up Biz Markie.


you are awesome! Congratulations on winning! could you send me the link to that Shane King video...I can't find it on youtube :( Thanks <3


"Why must I cry?"

because that shit is funny!
Seriously, the guy cracks me up.
And yeah, I noticed that today was fourfour as in 4/4/07, but then again I had to notice. I mean, I had to register for classes today (which sucks).
It's kinda funny how a new episode of ANTM premieres on 4/4. Like some divine intervention or something.

Peace Out.

raging indie

Happy Four-Four-Two Thousand Seven, Rich!


Congrats Rich, i'm kind of sad Tyra didn't get to feature though...


"'s OK to experience art however it strikes you"

And that's why I love you.


The audience favorite of your videos was *definitely* the Liza montage. Even my bf (who was already mortified that I'd brought him to a hive of hipsterdom to see my favorite gay blogger) was literally CRYING watching it - everyone was just howling. Overall the audience really liked you - (were they all FourFour fans like me?) and I think a BIG part of it was that you didn't try to talk up or give any context to your clips. I booed for the vagina video because that girl came off as super annoying - I'm sure her song was funny but "banned by the Catholic League" - who cares?! Shut your mouth and show me more turtle sex.
My other favorite video (besides "Valentine" - hoo boy!) was the "Christmas Tree lady" one w/ the scary drag Jersey mom - I thought that was just genius.


i love your writing flow


I mean, the whole POINT of viral videos - your YouTube, your Daily Motion and the like - is to make videos for people to pretty much make fun of. Isn't it? I mean, we're either laughing with or at you on YouTube. And Reh Dogg HAS to know that. Otherwise, why upload it? I can see if it's a situation like the one where the Bank employee was singing to U2's "One" at some company function and it was uploaded without his knowledge. But when someone uploads their own shit? You hit the nail on the head - viral videos are all about immediate reaction, no context. They why all the popular ones have people who are either fat, losers, mentally handicapped or just plain ODD. It's the truth.


My co-workers and I have been obsessed with Reh Dogg for months. We truly love him. Have you seen the video where he talks shit about his ex? She has like 7 kids. It's remarkable. Sometimes it makes me really sad, but at times I feel like his biggest fan.


Now I really, really wish I could have been there, Rich. The whole thing sounds like it must have been a bit nervewracking though. Holding your breath that the videos play properly while crossing your fingers that some yahoo doesn't start chanting restlessly? I'd have been a wreck.

So...did anyone play the Lily Tomlin/I heart Huckabees freakout videos? I know they've been around for a while, but I love those clips to fucking death. Not sure why...

Congrats again Rich!

Miss Lisa

Rich--I love your mean, gay videos. Congratulations on your win. When I was in film school someone always brought up the "mean" element of documentary filmmaking. Everyone would bluster and worry themselves sick over it, asking, "Why Must I Cry"? over and over again, letting all of us know how compassionate they were as they filmed society's outsiders. It is nerve-wracking to deal with a live audience--looks like you handled it nicely and complexly.


...and let's look at the underlying assumptions of the accusations of meanness: that this guy is to be pitied. I'm not terribly familiar with Reh Dogg, but the theme this song is no different than 78% of Trent Reznor's oeuvre and no one implies that we should go around pitying him. It seems to me that the problem is that this guy is in no way a hipster and "isn't that sad." It's people's own guilt for looking down on him and assuming that you must too. I think the reason you were blindsided by the accusations of meanness is that you don't look down on him. Is he acting a fool on the internet? Sure. But pointing that out is not the same as thinking he's pitiful.

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