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I used to kill my brother's ears trying to sing to "Silly." Now I have to go download it.


Common is definitely one of the best hip hop artists out there. I love his new album and am looking forward to see him in concert when he does a show in NYC in October!


good review, that man is fine.

by the way rich, check out who comes on at 1:17 in twista's new music video


this is the best hip hop album of the year. at least my brain isn't dying anymore. "a bay bay" has just about killed it.


What, a crappy movie can't remind someone of a cliche? I'd think that's about the only thing it'd be good for, ironically.

(I admit I haven't heard the song or seen the's just Common's beautiful face staring off my screen making me want to come to his defense.)


Common talking about a crap movie doesn't make him dead to me, however, being IN a crap Gap commercial does. But he is HOT, so I can't be mad for long.

Oh, and Love LOve LOVE Silly. I remember playing my mom's record (yes, record) trying to write the words down so I could sing it flawlessly. I think i played it about 50 time in a row.


Hey Rich!
Common's Finding Forever is one of my favorite hip hop albums of the year so far. I didn't know if he could release something as stellar as Be, but he obviously did in my opinion. You mentioned all of my favorite tracks except for one - Break My Heart. I love the sample on that track. Love the site and love you! :)


Oh yeah, as far as Deniece is concerned, I love "Silly" and "Free"! *smiles*


I just got of my car jamming to I Want You!!!!!! I fell in love with Common after seeing him live in concert in ATL about two years ago. His energy is indescribable. He performed for HOURS! ok it was about 2.5 hours but the amazing part of the whole concert was I only paid $26 and saw, De La Soul, Common and John Legend!!! And ended up falling in love with Common. The point of my whole rant is, the energy that is Common is undeniable.


LOL, Rich you are sooo funny! With evrything that you said, how could you just flip the script like that? He didn't say anything that heinous: Like I hate gays, or Winston sucks. He just mentioned Crash. lol I love this album and thought Be was a great record as well. Since you mentioned lyrics from The People, I have a question... What does "They tried to India Arie me" mean?


I assume it means "they tried to overrate my album and give me lots of Grammys."

Rich, I actually know of two hip hop songs that sample "Silly," both of which are by local (Baltimore) rappers that I know, UnReal and Ab-Rock. Let me know if you wanna hear those.


I think more surprising that anything in that review is that D'Angelo is on this record!!! I had written him off long ago


i was so happy for him taking the #1 spot.


But how are the beats on this album? Part of what made Resurrection so legendary was the nice & understated beats throughout the entire thing.


@ Summer...

this seems like a feasible explanation...

Nee Nee

I just bought Common's CD on Saturday and it is the best Hip Hop CD this year. Sorry T.I. The beat drags u in and the lyrics are the icing on the cake. This is the kind of Hip Hop that should be played on our airwaves repeatedly but of course we all know that will never happen because I truly believe the stations are getting paid to play certain artist songs ;)


I got the CD on the release day and I lovooove it! So far my favorite song is "Break my Heart" it has that old school sound that I am just starting to appreciate.
I saw him at a parade Saturday and that man was pure sexiness OMG


Great review, and even though I haven't heard any of the album, I completely agree with you. Anything that movie touches turns crappy.


i love common. i just bought the album and can't stop playing it in my car. i just love his voice. hot


Oh man, my face still hurts from laughing.

Dude, I hate that...when you're feelin someone, they've got it, they're in it...
then they say something that just makes your brain go retarded and you can't do anything but shake your head and walk away.

And thanks so much for posting Deniece Williams' Silly...I haven't heard that in yeeeears!


Thanks BoogieRock-didnt even know this site existed.


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