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Rich I watched the FUCKING video clip and I would like to say FUCKING THANKS A LOT


i have a soft spot for this movie and i haven't even seen it yet, partially because i know how wonderfully, horribly trashy it must be, and also because i got to be a (FUCKING) extra in it. there's a parade scene that was filmed in my town, and we got to stand on the sidewalk and silently jump around while a promises rehab-attending lindsay crossed the street in front of us about a dozen times. it was obvious even then how awful it was going to be.


i'm glad you did a recap rich! :)
I too at first thought the cat was pooping ha! that pic just came out of nowhere and i'm sure it's not different when you watched the movie live.

Madame M

What. A. Mess.


High five to Christopher Pike novels!

Saw the first picture on my screen out of the corner of my eye...doesn't her eye makeup remind you of Elizabeth Taylor a la Cleopatra?

Sphinx cats look like shaved balls.


Wow. I can not wait to see this. This is exactly the kind of movie I love to watch when I'm having a shitty day. The kind that makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
I really like lohan after mean girls, and I still like her. It's like a wierd obsession. She provides endless entertainment, and yet makes me feel slightly sorry for how her life is turning out. I would feel bad if she wasnt rich and didn't have the ability to make things better for herself.
Anyway..Thanks for the post :)


After a seriously, seriously crap day - I read this post and LMAO. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rich!


Resusci Anne. Ha! The one our school had was just a torso (fitting for this post) and I remember thinking maybe she didn't want to be resuscitated. Now I realize what a fool I was, she could have been a bionic/ sort of stripper.

And because it can't be said enough... Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity Fuck Fuck


Thanks to your video-editing diligence, I have come to an odd realization - Lindsay Lohan makes everything sound dirty except the word "fuck".

I'm looking forward to the second sequel, where at this point her character is just a profanity-spewing severed head sitting in a tray of solution.


It was oddly watchable, and I had no problem dropping down 9.50 at the ticket counter last weekend to go see it. And no, I don't think it's playing nationwide anymore, so I forgive you.

Lohan was damn good in it, and she didn't look as orange on the big screen as she does on your magical print. She looked pale and pretty like back in the Freaky Friday days.


OMGay, I had no idea she was an amputee in this! I might have to watch it now. Magically.


Thankee, thankee, thankee! Fuck, fuckity fuck it me or does anyone else agree that a carnival barker should precede Lohan in public?


(sigh) It is really is love that I feel for you, Rudy and Winston, and your irreplably fractured imagination...Carry on.


oops, misspelled irreparably...boy you know you can't be fixed


i saw this movie last weekend and i actually liked it. Lindsay did a good job in it and the movie was good all the way up until the ending. they kinda lost it @ the ending, it seemed rushed. but i would recommend it to thriller fans.


Wow, this is such an honor to be linked to in your blog! I visit here everyday, if not for new posts then to read archived entries.

And I must applaud you for uploading those stills from the film. I'm still anxiously awaiting IMDB to update the memorable quotes section for the film - alas, all I can remember are "Hospitals are for rich people" and "That's life; sometimes people get cut."

Spin Sycle

Parker Brothers presents a new game starring Lindsay Lohan!!! "I know what's adiquite!"

Here's how you play: line up some shots, watch this video and drink every time Blohan says 'fuck'! Fun for all!


i worship you thanks for that vid christ i laughed so hard. tho i do have some sm


OMG. They even gave her a bald misshapen pussy... just like her firecrotch!

Henry Evil

I don't think I've ever seen a movie in which an actress expresses losing a limb with the same intensity she would to describe being shorted a nickel at McDonalds.

I love you Lindsay!


I watched that F-bomb video for you.


After this movie I felt a little ill, and not because of how bad it was, but because the girl who plays Aubrey's friend is in fact stupid lonelygirl15. Does anyone else kind of want to kick her in the box? I do. I'd rather watch the skateboarding dog videos on a loop then ever witness one of her nasal, whiny, and boring YouTube videos as "Bree."
And she ruined a good cheese with that name! Whatta twat.


Did Malcolm in the Middle dub her voice? Geez.

Z Wheels

"You know how when a character in a movie figures out what's going on in the middle of the movie, and that which they figure is as ridiculous as it is premature and you say, "Well, that's obviously not it," and then it turns out to be it? "

One example of this was TAKING LIVES with Angelina Jolie, where she explains several plausible reasons in the first 20 minutes of the film why it couldn't be the guy, and then it is. I hate that.

I saw the movies in the theatres, and I couldn't agree with you more. Also, the whole Blue (aubrey) vs Red (Dakota) thing was way overdone, no?


I saw this in the theatre. I don't know why. I was in Indiana and it was only 5 bucks. Best. Movie. Ever.

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