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Not to get all global on ya, but several of those names are not particularly unusual; at least not in other countries. Naima is an Arabic name; Anchal is an Indian name; Nnenna is Nigerian. Jael is actually a Biblical name, so, you know, it’s been around for a while. I’m just saying.

Saleisha deserved it, dont hate!


oh, she deserved it? Really? oh man, you must be right, I'll stop hating right. now.

How does she "deserve it" again?

From all of that past experience modeling, despite being contractually forbidden to have such campaigns before being on ANTM? For her past and continual relationship with tyra? For being petty and cruel, yet attacking the integrity of other contestants?

You are SO RIGHT. she DID deserve it. wow. thanks for enlightening me. All Saleisha fans are so intelligent, I bow before their reasoning skills.

mona fen fen

saleisha is just ms jay playing a high school slut.

Si Lou

Now that ANTM is over, wil ypu be doing PR recaps again?

Philip in Tampa

Thank you, Rich, for giving us another recap season of Joy and Laughter. Smooches!


Why are you so rude about Chantal's eye? I mean, really, you aren't perfect. You have some sort of physical feature that is not attractive to the common person. Chantal was slightly different looking and that bothered you. But if she was supermodel perfect, you'd hate her too. I'm done reading your crappy blog. You're a wannabe Perez Hilton.


shut the fuck up Haley
if you don't like snark, don't read
her eye was so off balance, I'd be offended if he Didn't point it out

you need to check ya thighs out in the mirror
And I'm Done!!!

(lurve ya Rich)


STEPHANIE was the original "How Rude" sayer in Full House. How could you not know that? Everyone knows that. You must just be retarded. Yes, that's it, you're a retard. I'm disappointed in you. I have lost all faith in humanity. I'm going to go kill myself tonight because the only person I ever believed in didn't know Stephanie, not Michelle, was known for saying "How Rude" in Full House.

/End sarcasm.

Wonderful post. I love you. You should do another video. I watch the ones you've already done over and over.

Your biggest fan,
Roxanne :]


thought this was funny


thought this was funny


anyone know when the cycle 10 bitches will be announced? I saw that the cycle scheduled to start in mid-to-late february, so I figure it should be soonish...

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