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Before she took off for Vegas, she did an interview for Canadian tv during which she suddenly started rapping some batshit made-up-on-the-spot rhyming couplets.

After a moment of stone-faced shock, my friends and I dissolved into gales of helpless laughter. We had to hand it to her, though - the girl's got flow.

Great clip. I have a feeling '08 is going to be the annus mirabilis of FourFour!


I LOVE her. She barked like a dog for Kathy Griffin. She is crazy and I love her, she just needs to cut her sons hair. No offense.

She and I did IVF at the same time, so she has a soft spot in my heart forever. That freaking song she sings about her son kills me.



"Before she took off for Vegas, she did an interview for Canadian tv during which she suddenly started rapping some batshit made-up-on-the-spot rhyming couplets."

This is why I love her.


I do not love her music, but I have LOVED her since the first time I saw her awkward ostrich self perform with Destiny's Child and blurt "You go gurlfreend" and "Raise dee roof!". And the whole Katrina spiel on Larry King? Total. Nuts. But totally genuine nuts.


I've always been neutral about Celine. On the one hand she seems genuinely nice as far as her fans go and she has a powerful voice. On the other hand she sings crappy songs, LOL and most of her hits have been covers of other folks' songs. As for the crazy, I just assume most entertainers aren't dealing with a full deck. As for being a black girl trapped in white girl's body...that doesn't sound so crazy. She's covered Patti Labelle's If You Asked Me To and Tina Turner's River Deep, Mountain High along with her most recent homage to Tina. She copped the intro and everything from Tina's appearance on VH1's Diva show. Here's the link:

This is Tina's version.


I f'ing, f'ing, f'ing love you for making me laugh so hard every time you make one of these works of art. The part that made me cry (from laughing) was "All of the parents + all of the children of the world= fucking everybody!!!"
Whew. Another brilliant video.
House of Jules

ngaire Bartlam

SO freakin FUNNY!!!!!!

Love it!

Ngaire In Brisbane Australia.
say hi to Winnie for me!


Hey Rich, will you enrich my internet life and please cover Miss America: Reality Check a la ANTM? It's only 4 episodes!! :) Please??


Ok, I'm officially in love with you, your cats AND Celine Dion.


I love it. She's just a goofy french-canadian girl. If you know any of them yourself, you'll know what I mean. I love their lack of self-consciousness and ability to genuinely enjoy life without having to pretend to some false "cool" crap. It's why Quebec is the most lively and liberal province, and this is coming from a born and bred english-canadian.


Mariah has released a 2-disc DVD too. Are you gonna dissect that too? Please tell me you are, 'cos ONLY then will I be YOUR #1 fan.


Nah, there wasn't enough fodder on the Mariah DVD. The only thing that I could come up with is putting her various freakouts in slow motion (which I did briefly in the Beyonce-fans rebuttal video I did last month). Otherwise, really, just not enough insane material to work with -- Mariah's just too guarded (although, thanks to that DVD, I'll now say "What's your name and why do you want a hug?" as often as possible until I die).

Will check out the Miss America reality series, but I can't promise anything. It didn't work out with Crowned, and it really should have, so who knows.

miss maria

Her craziness is patented Quebecois-brand weirdness. They are a special breed.


Well I choked on my Stoli Arnold Paler and cried a little....fucking great clip, Rich!


Aww thanks Rich for replying. I'll still be YOUR #1 fan for doing that. I bought/watched Mariah's DVD last weekend and I thought as batshit crazy as she is, she does put on a pretty good show. I just loved her in all Diva-best at the end when she whines about her heels and has to take a golf-cart ride from the stage to her dressing room. LOL!


Rich, I just fucking love you, okay? I just fucking love you. Happy New Year.


OMG! I got the chance to see her in Vegas last year and I cried true tears. And now I absolutely HAVE to get the DVD.



6 and 7 made me crack up! All the parents and all the children? Are you kidding me?

I'll never forget going to the Las Vegas airport and seeing her giant face plastered on the wall above the escalator so that as you're descending, all you're seeing is Celine getting closer and closer. I wish I would have seen this video back then, I would have been able to laugh a lot more at the poster.





she's as crazy as mariah, but there's something more genuine and open about celine. it's like she's in on the joke and laughs with you when you laugh at her. it's endearing in some warped way. plus, the segment with the fans? (sniff sniff) was really sweet.

for the record, her french recordings are a lot better - not as much of the by-the-numbers bombastic yet bland pop singing, but with a bit more emotional depth in the vocals. or maybe i need to just go sleep...


oh and the "= fucking everybody!" line was especially perfect because i literally said that in response to her comment! lol


Crap, the Celiney goodness is no longer available. Damn. yeah, if you ever see her mocked on the Soup you'd see her loopiness in all its glory. She's an endearing nut.


Celine Dion has my undying respect ever since she SIGHT-READ a song on the LIVE broadcast of the Academy Awards because Barbra Streisand couldn't be bothered to show up. The woman didn't know the song by heart, and yet she winged it in front of one of the largest audiences on television.

She also seems to be 100% aware of the fact that she's not thought of as cool, and doesn't mind acting like a nut. Gotta love that, even if her songs are a little too bland for my taste.


I love that Celine is a little kooky (or maybe a lot kooky) and she knows it. And truthfully, most of the dance remixes of her ballads are actually pretty good -- then again, I'm one of those old-school hands-in-the-air club anthem-y disco fag, so maybe I'm just a bit biased...

And that new album cover? Fierce. Who cares if her music is bland? That's what remix DJs are for.


Hee-larious. This is fantastic. Not as good as Beyonce though, she gave you more ridiculousness to work with.

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