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Go to an Amel Larrieux show the next time she's in the city. I promise it won't disappoint. Though you missed the Valentine's day show she's sure to come back. And the absolute best bringing your spirits up part of the show--everyone in the audience up in their seats singing tell me with her as she threads through the crowd belting it out. Good times. Keep your head up (another good one to listen to).


Thnaks Rich! You just brightened my day too with that song! I haven't hear it in so long, and I love the matching outfits, dark lipstick and frizzy hair. Also, the guy in the video is HOT!

winston for president

Wow, I loved that song when I was younger. It was awesome to see the video, which I'd never seen before. So thanks for posting that!

Don't let those bitches get you down. Give your kitties a snuggle, take a break and eat a cookie, and remember that Tyra has been through it all before and she has persevered. Seriously, feel better!


It's not just you being dark.

It's the eclipse of reason itself.


I was complaining yesterday b/c I had to turn on the a/c (I live in Phoenix). I ranted and raved that I had all of 2 months where my bill wasn't over $200. I'll TRY and keep it in perspective b/c winter stuff is worse. *hug*
Thanks for reminding me of how much I liked this song. Keep your head up.


I LOVED this song too - used to play it over and over, and I totally agree that it's a great song of hope. Also suffering from SAD (live in Toronto, where the weather is as bad or worse than NY) and feeling like there's no end in sight. If it makes you feel any better, your blog and your hilarious recaps of Flavor of Love on the VH1 blog cheer me up in this (literally) dark time. Hope you feel better soon!


Yes, Mekhi Phifer was hot in that video. Feel better Rich. Youtube can go kick rocks.


riding the bus home from manhattan to queens and having a bad day, my ipod played mary j' & eve's "not today," with shania twain's "it only hurts when i breath," in a row and i was ballllling. the regulars on the bus just sat there and watched me sob for a good five minutes. and then i thought to myself, "i'm totally crying to shania twain. get yourself together."

it was a good cry and i'm glad it happened.


so glad you had that song up, haven't heard it in forever and i just downloaded it. don't let youtube get you down, just imagine tyra as a homeless person, it makes me feel better


you were in cali?? :( i wish you paid a visit and watched antm with my sister and i last night... en vogue is the shiznits, as is mekhi... but not as much as you :)


use ?


love you, rich. in a month it'll be slightly warmer?


You've got to keep everything in pesrpective. I mean, Tyra was homeless for a WHOLE DAY. One whole day. I mean, can you imagine? Oh, the agony, the agony.

And if that doesn't cheer you up, squish-face is gone!

does that help?

no? maybe some cheesecake?


Winter blahs suck, Rich. Hope they go away soon for you. I've found a new word that makes me smile every time I say it..."twat-waffle". Rates up there with "ass-clown", don't you think?

Joe M

This winter has been brutally dreary - everyone I know has been depressed by it. In Chicago, it's just non-stop cold and snow. It gets to the point where even if it's 12 degrees, you're kinda happy because at least the sun is shining. I demand summer.

I LOL'd at Barby's comment - so true, Tyra was "homeless" for a whole fucking day, knows what dark days are, don't hate! Most Laughably Offensive ANTM Photoshoot Ever.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Oh what the fuck! Youtube is retarded.


Ugh. I've had the same type of week. "Turn It Up Turn It Loose" is a better instant-happiness EnVogue jam. Hang in there.


Sorry. "Give It Up, Turn It Loose" UGH! Worst week ever.


The cross-eyed one was always my favorite. Even if she did have the worst voice.


Aw. Hang in there, Rich. Sending you virtual sunshine, care bears, kittens, and hippies from the Bay Area.

Baby Girl

I hate how just one person can ruin things for everyone.

Great video pick. This was when Mekhi Pfifer was the HOTNESS! I miss the original En Vogue. And Groove Theory was da bomb! Glad I got to see them live with D'Angelo over a decade ago. Did I just date myself?


En Vogue performed at my local Pride festival last summer and used "Don't Let Go" as their encore. Now take the amount of awesome you can imagine that to be, and multiply it by a factor of at least ten. They definitely had the nostalgia thing going for them, and even if they hadn't sounded very good, it would have still been fun. That said, they sounded amazing.


I love En Vogue SO MUCH. There's just something so much more sincere, substantial, and believeable in their delivery, as compared to contemporary R&B artists. Seriously, even Destiny's Child was just a poorly-named cheap En Vogue imitation.

I had *NO* idea that Amel Larrieux was the Groove Theory girl! That is insanity.... also, Don't Let Go is my favorite of En Vogue's work..... Loved them. Glad you got some good vibes. Like you said, you gotta take them where you can get them ESPECIALLY in cold-ass February.
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