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Katarzyna <3


Hey Rich,

Thank you thank you thank you - as always. Love your recaps.

Funny, Kim was so hideously ugly, she was a little peroxide midget, but she took a "fierce" photo! Can't believe she didn't even make it past the first week. Gotta be strong to hang with with these bitches!


Brilliance. Always with the brilliance.


Tyra Banks morphs into Jocelyn Wildenstein! I love it. Your recaps make my Mondays happy.

And, Fatima just has a bad case of ramen-head. She is incredibly beautiful.

I just wanted to add that:
"She’s toothless! And she stands there, singing for money!"
Made this gloomy winter day entirely better.

La da dee, la de dah..
Merci, Rich!


Did anyone else notice how terrible the lighting was during judging? It made the girls look fuglier than usual when the individual judging happened.
And, Mr. Jay's pants during the fashion show?? OMG.

' O '

Not a single mention of Whitney! I'm sort of sad X3 I LOVED her windblown hair thing at the end of the runway. there's something so Delta Burke about her that I just can't help but love.


Part of me wants Fatima to stay on the show, just to see how many feathers get ruffled, but then the other part of me is like she is a bieotch and not that good looking. Be gone.

Katrizzziiinnnaaa (whatever) on the other hand, I dig the most.


You had me rolling on the floor laughing. Not only are you completely sexy, but hilarious. Can't wait til the next one.


Yay, no more Kimberly! Now just get rid of Amis and especially Allison, and we might have a show worth watching...oh yeah, and please, for the love of god, do something with Claire's hair.

Holly Won't

Where can I order my Jay Manuel locket?


I was very sad that you did not mention allison's intense vaginal arms at panel. They kept alternating between her child-like ones and tyra's increasingly saggy ones. I felt like the editors were specifically giving you a little gift:)


Oh. My. God.

The Scooby Snacks comment had me literally laughing out loud. Of course then I got to Fatima as a goat eating the clothing and that just had me needing to pee I was laughing so hard.

Kim as tissues was a fantastic visual as well!!

Is it just me or does Allison remind anyone else of Sarah Silverman.

And Claire totally looks like someone other then Pete Wentz and I can't put my finger on it.

Also, is anyone else reminded of Lisa, Cycle 5, when Amis pops on screen? She's like the same person but possibly weirder and with less effort.


Winston-faced whore!

Oops, I wet my pants. Thanks.


Whitney's name is misspelled on Miss J's glittery military jacket. Why am I not surprised (I actually AM surprised that they didn't bold the font or make it bigger to point out once again that she's "this cycle's plus-sized girl" AKA mid-cycle cannon fodder).

I don't normally comment about one of your "throwaways" (if I can call them that), but the part of Anyway not knowing if she's Marvita's bitch or not is PRICELESS...

Except you've gotten her name wrong - it's ENYA!!! - C'mon if Homer Simpson can have that old B&W cartoon stuck in his head, tell me Anya doesn't have "Sail Away... Sail Away... Sail Away" stuck in hers... Her brain is as void as a lemonade commercial (lemonade LITE I might add!)

I still say Lauren for the win!


Claire looks like Julia Stiles given the same haircut as Gary Oldman from "The Fifth Element", great recap again, thanks


To me, with that crazy-ass "washing the face, put the hair up" hairdo, Dominique is just showing how much she looks like Vin Diesel. Take a good look, and picture him with a few months of estrogen therapy.

Am I right? I totally am.

Joe M

Tyra actually believes this shit, Rich. She was all, "You girls should be really proud of yourselves." The sad part - most of them probably were.

Marvita and Anya were all over each other this episode, by which I mean - bumping lezzie doughnuts by ep 5.

I liked Kim and her Play-Doe face and half-wit personality. Whouda thunk that she would be the one who would exert any sort of personal assertiveness to Ms. Banks like that? And she didn't even blubber like Ebony, she was all "Ya, this is horseshit. KAITHNXBAI!" Loved you, little lolcat.

Not long for this cycle: Alison, Amis, Stacey Ann.

Loved this recap, babe - hope you're cheering up. Was 51 degrees in Chicago!


Maybe someone mentioned this (but I'm guessing not due to the nickname you've given her), but you should call Katarzyna "Kasia". Pretty much every Katarzyna goes by Kasia.


Brilliant recap as usual Rich; you make my Mondays!
Anyone else think that Dominique looked like Heath Ledger at panel, and that Claire looks like Julia Stiles if Julia Stiles were exotic?


you know, Kim really should be held responsible for taking FLYYYYY girl's place. I really wish she'd been in the house, if only to see if she'd pimp it out.


I hope Marvita and Fatima go all riot grrrl and make a zine about FGM and rape and molestation. I loved their bonding time. HA!


I will never understand the saleisha love. never. I almost punched my tv out when she did her commercial.

The Alien bit was awesome, though, and totally makes up for any saleisha favoritism. We can all forget about the past, and bond over Anyway.


I love how Kim goes, "Now that I'm doing it I realized I'm just not that interested in it" or whatever it was she said. I mean I know they edit the days together and it looks a lot shorter than it really is, but she couldn't have been there more than, what, a week? Wuss.

Also, I found myself shouting "She does!!" the moment I read the bit about how Claire looks like Pete Wentz. I would have a problem with it except for the fact that Claire is currently my favorite and as big of an ass as Pete is, I don't really mind him that much. Still. Good call.

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