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I totally think Claire looks like Ashley Simpson, but now I also see the Pete Wentz thing. Obviously, she's their child from the future who came back to compete in ANTM.

And Kimberly absolutely killed me in a bad way, but I always love Tyra's reactions when people aren't grateful for her show so I love her for giving me that.


"She is digging her own grave and that’s, like, totally cool. Because, seriously, you can’t get more down to earth than 6 feet under it, right?"

nicely done.

and claire may look like pete wentz, but i'm totally seeing a little ashlee simpson thrown in there. might just be the last picture, though.


How amazingly coincidental that Tyra chose *14* girls last week, and *two* went home this week.


I'm looking forward to watching the subtext concerning Paulina being quite a bit thinner than Tyra develop. I noticed increasing hostility on Tyra's part during judging!

Paulina does this wiggling her skinny shoulders around thing that's really provocative.


I saw Angelika on Oprah a few months ago. Some show she did on transgendered youth. Very weird to see her on Top Model!


This show is almost becoming too much for me to handle. Only almost though. ANd if it weren't for your recap, I probably wouldnt watch it any more.

Oh who am I kidding? I love to hate this show. I'll never stop watching.

Thanks for the great recap, as always Rich. You're lovely :)


Oh, found the link to the Oprah show where Angelika discusses her gender identity and such: She sure never mentioned anything about homelessness. Breaking news, ANTM fakes it... Heh.


and to think i was the only person who watched: “I’m Fat and I Love It.” oh, MTV.

thanks, rich! hope you're feeling better!

the childlike empress

“Are you, like, there God? It’s me…um, I forget.” Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha
Claire for the win. She is totally Julia Stiles and maybe it's just because her name is Claire too, but I feel like she's Angela Chase all grown up.
How has nobody called out the JAP for looking like Sarah Silverman yet?
As for this week's episode, I really hope that those Barbie dolls seen in the preview were given to the girls with the full intention that one of them would compare Barbie's lack of genital detail to Fatima's. Wow, Tyra has no shame whatsoever.
Best: Claire, Fatima, Katarjjzhhyna, Anya
Claire's the only one I could bear spending five minutes in person with though.

On second thoughts, Paulina for the win! she's my favourite by far


Not sure if this was talked about, but what about the whole "going green" that Tyra was so into last season? I guess she saved the climate last season so now she can go back to the ridiculously large limo taxi?

La La

I love the fact that the first thing Saleisha did was get her hair fixed. You would think ANTM wouldn't allow her to criticize Tyra for screwing up like that but it was a gift that kept giving for me. It is even cooler that she sounds like a robot when she speaks. Jaslene is looking better and better.
As for this new batch, they are all pretty boring. I can't tell who is who or care enough to care. Yeah, Fatima is the bitch of the bunch like Mnenna or whatever her bitchy ass name was. Yawn. Been there, done that. What can Tyra and the editors do to make this show seem more interesting?


I love the irony of the Miss J photo that says "We Have A Winner Already. Please Stop Calling" in the opening set of photographs. It just adds that element of "duh" that Kimberly's quitting needed.


Marvita scares the crap out of me. For serious!

scahhh jo

This recap is the only reason I have not committed a rampage workplace killing today.

winston for president

Rich, I hope you're feeling much better now. Your recap has definitely made my dreary Monday (complete with shitty weather) look brighter.


Amis is a double dumbass for a)changing her name to Amis, and b)not knowing that the guy in the bible is named Amos. So phonetically I guess she's still right. But I still want to fight my way through her flailing modeling poses and shave her upper lip. And I'm done!


Fatima all up in the statue of liberty's ass. Guffaw! Way to catch that!


Rich! This was the BESTEST recap I've read in a long tim - and with your always-brilliant recaps, that's saying a helluva lot!



Claire looks like Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson all in one.


Everytime Claire comes on screen, I cant help but hear Dave Chappelle saying "Breast made my dayyyayyyyy" from his Making the Band skit.

I was also suprised at how flat Tootie's Cover Girl commercial was...considering she was supposed to be all perky and shit. Oh well.


Oh man, Mondays with you are so much better! NEVER LEAVE ME!


"And then, God looked at what he had done and it was amiss. Oops, I mean Amis."

Pure genius. Winston-faced whore! Excellent.

This cycle is completely and utterly horrific but I will watch 'til the bitter end, if only to look forward to your recaps. Does every single girl have a huge and/or bizarre nose or what?

Thank you, Rich, for making me laugh after a rather dreary monday.


I can't imagine a better start to my week than this:

Adelaide’s like, “Bitch, please. That shit's not model.”

I heart you, Rich! Mad props for the Adelaide reference.

Fake Janice Combs

I'm sitting here hyperventalating and crying over the Adelade reference. You have the 80s TV trivia game on LOCK Rich.

Show of hands, how many in this post are buying that Mr. Jay and Miss Jay had not one clue Isis and Angelika were trannys? No one? Me either.

If Isis and Angelika end up as contestants = Best Cycle Ever.

Noah D

OMG I fucking loved that True Life. I cried tears of joy when the guy made that nude calendar of himself. Although the part where the guy visited him for a booty call and talked about his fat all sexual-like was creepy as hell.

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