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Beautifully written, heartfelt, and true.

Truth supercedes superficiality.


I'm too old to have experienced the X fetishizing moment as a youngster, but too young to remember him when he was alive. I need to disagree, though, that he wasn't talking to me, that his being in my personal pantheon requires "a selective reading of his autobiography". I'm not black, not gay, just your basic white lady, but when I happened upon his writings he blew my mind -- really and thoroughly. What he was saying was, simply, these are the stories we all live by, and a lot of these stories are shit. Look at them, head on, and decide if you're going to swallow them or not. That's a message for everybody.


One of the best posts you've done so far.Very enlightened for those that are not familiar with his very worthy writing and speeches. If you live in America, race is definitely issue here and I believe will always be, but yet I wouldn't want to live anywhere else as a Black woman.


Amazing, eloquent post.


Hey, great post but...the video doesn't work for me, and I would love to watch it...


Beautifully written and a wonderful read. I just happening to be reading his autobiography right now, it should be required reading for all high school students. I am a white, heterosexual woman but I have and will always advocate for the rights of homosexuals and ethnic and racial minorities until the day I die. I just wish more people would.


See Rich, this is why I love and adore a man that I've never met (You). You are funny, thought-provoking, serious, and articulate.

I don't have anything to add to what you wrote (my extent of X knowledge comes from Spike's movie) but you truly make me want to learn more...about everything.


rarely do i get such a sense of urgency and passion from your writing.

Lea, I had watched Spike Lee's movie also and I still think it is very good, but the book puts things in a whole new perspective, much much better than the movie. I suggest reading it. (The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley)


Simple, eloquent, thought provocking and insightfull. Despite the fact that I live for your ANTM recaps, it is alwasy welcome to read such moving writtings. While you may beleive that you have little talent in the realm of public speaking, you have a muses' gifts for "public" writting and the stage is but a few steps from the keyboard. Thank you for reminding me what a truly beautiful human being you really are

no name slob

You're the best, Rich. You're one of the smartest and most insightful writers I read online. Even when you're writing about fluff (ANTM?) you somehow manage to make me think (no, really!), and when you tackle the big stuff you do it with grace and intelligence. One of the things I love is that humor is present throughout your posts, but so is a sort of straightforward and unironic seems like almost a scholarly philosophy that an interesting mind can say something interesting about just about any subject, and nothing is too "stupid" to be thought about critically. I should comment more, but your admirers are many so I suppose I'd get lost in the crowd. Still, I had to speak up on this great post.

(Oh, and give Winston and Rudy a squeeze for me.)

bravo. i think in some ways homophobia has eclipsed racism. racism is of course still widespread in the U.S., but homophobia seems to be so acceptable and ok just as racism used to be. i also see a parrallel in gay oppression and black oppression and i admire your writing here


I think the strong interest in black culture makes sense for a lot of young queers. I remember I LOVED all the black experience narratives we had to read as part of the English curriculum in school growing up. We all often have a vague general malaise and your articulations feel like a relief, an explanation for what a lot of us went through.


I'm taking an excellent course at my university called "Black Freedom" and we're currently focusing on Malcolm X. Really interesting to read your perspective. Gives a person a lot to think about.

Racism and homophobia never did make much sense to me. They still don't.


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Growing up at a similar time in similar environments (Jersey), I know exactly what you mean. I can't count the number of times I heard "fag", "nigger", "them", and other ignorant speech (and this was from my family). Many years later it would take their gay son and biracially grandchild to open their eyes to "them". This is why it is so important to be out and proud. It is when people can identify with one of "them" that we become human and real.

everlasting concubine

Excellent post. It seems to me that the reason people want to distance the civil rights movement from the current struggle for homosexuals to be treated equally is because they don't want to face the ugliness and the unreason of their own hatred. They know, now that racism is wrong and unacceptable, but their day to day homophobia is somehow justified.

It becomes most apparent to me when an issue dealing with the rights of homosexuals - to marry, to adopt children, to be protected in the workplace - is put to a popular vote. The old tropes about how "it's threatening the family!" and "it's unnatural!" and "but the Bible says!" are simply masks for the reality of the situation - people still think it's OK to hate people for being gay, and it has nothing to do with God, it has nothing to do with the sanctity of the family unit, it's just ignorant, blind hate. And even though what homosexual couples do in the privacy of their own homes and lives does NOTHING to harm anyone else, the people in charge, the powers that be, buy into it, because they're more concerned about being re-elected than they are about doing what is right. Putting civil rights issues to a popular vote is fundamentally inhumane and a backward and regressive use of the democratic process. It turns the will of the majority into the rule of a mob.

Miss Lisa

Gay rights are one of the most important issues we face in this country. It's still considered OK to legally keep gay people to a different, unequal standard of living. It is similar to what Malcolm X was talking and writing about. What I always loved about him was his willingness to change his mind. It sounds like such a trivial matter but a lot of people NEVER change (too ignorant, afraid, close-minded, whatever). He was so intelligent and curious about the world and open to change. He is truly heroic and unusual for that, besides being a brilliant orator. Yes--should be required reading for all high school students.

Brandon H

Thank you.


I hate to sound like a parrot and echo everything that has been said. But as a gay, black man I totally appreciate your insight and your compassion to even write on this subject. Thanks for the reminder that our humanness is our common thread.


Moving post. I am an also admirer of Malcolm X and I can understand the draw of one 'outcast' (black) to another 'outcast' (gay). I appreciate you not being patronizing in drawing parallels between the black struggle and gay rights. Being black and being gay are similar, but also very different. Just ask any black gay or lesbian who has to deal with homophobia outside the gay community and racism/ fetishism within the gay community. But Black History Month also makes me so sad because 'Black History' is American history and should not be marginalized to a month. But I digress...Great post.


As a gay man of color I personally don't think homophobia compares to racism at all... I just don't.


i love you, rich.


I don't bother with arguments about which group has had it worse. It's irrelevant to me. What I abhor is when members of one minority group belittle the struggles of other minority groups. I don't know what life is like is for anyone else, so if someone tells me that they've had it rough, I respect that. If you're a person who's faced discrimination in your life and you don't get that discrimination in any form is unacceptable, you haven't learned enough from your experiences.


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