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OMG LOL you rule, Rich!


dang! can't see this at work :/


that was an amazing way to end my night.

but i'm not here to make friends.


someone watches waaay too much tv :)


i have seen 90% of these on tv

thks fr th mmrs


That was genius.


It's funny, cliché as it is, it wasn't until about halfway through this that I realised just how fucked up that sentiment is. Like friends are not important or something. And like winning a reality tv show is.


Generally the person that says that never makes it very far in the show. If you ever do another one it should be "throw me under the bus" or "on the chopping block". I've never heard either until reality tv.


Awesome! My fav reality star EVER, Jay from PR said it best to Wendy Pepper- "that is such a cliche"


I'm here to watch the video and to compliment you on the banner but don't get it twisted, I'm not here to make friends.

I <3 YOU! Great vid Rich.

Jenny Parker

Yes. The most cliched sentence ever uttered on any and every reality show. Funny.


Ohmyfuckingod. Jay from Project Runway called it, and summed it up right in the middle, hehe.

And I was so happy they included the Jade moment...that was the first thing I thought of when I heard "not here to make friends" montage.


HA! Brilliant.



if you took a shot everytime...or maybe that was the point.
great job :) i love you so much.


what makes this entire montage really awesome is that every single person in the montage who used that cliche DIDN'T WIN THE COMPETITION.

for the record, i do think lauren is the best girl on that 'next elle woods' show.


Hey J, If you worked in a corporate setting, they say "getting thrown under the bus" a lot! Or at least in all the jobs I've had.

Rich, loved the montage, thank you for all the hard work of putting that together. And I will start saying this as often as possible.


ha, amazing. the sentiment starts to get to you by the end though really. i might not bother leaving my house today.


That was awesome. Also, see the "30 Rock / MILF Island" Episode where Liz Lemon says the same thing.


Gorgeous. Genius. Brilliance.


You managed to make me smile on a Monday morning! But obviously not because you wanted us to be friends! I <3 you anyway!!


njtx71 -

You are right that no one who said that won the competition, technically speaking, BUT New York did better than winning Flavor of Love, considering she got three shows of her own.


Utter perfection

andre b

"I'm not here to make friends. I've got friends in LA."


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