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That last photo of "lollipop-head cat" in bed with the book, making eye contact at the camera is classic. RAMONA ROCKS!
House of Jules


Oh man, that is golden. I love it! I want to be 5 years old again.

And Winston's reaction is also hilarious.


I love that even cynical, sarcastic you is still touched by the imagination of a five year old. I knew you were still a big ol' ball of fluffy goodness on the inside!


That is the cutest thing.

Jelena Vukosav

man I luv your cat...
Winston is so packed with "angry old man" expressions :)

spin sycle

chalked full of gooey goodness!


love love love crazy fucking love!!!


I would so totally buy that book.


Absolutely adorable!! And yes, Ramona is a fantastic name. Very whimsical. I hope there are more Winston stories to come!! (and maybe a Rudy one too?)

Another Rich

Oh my! Best Caturday post EVAR!


As a kindergarten teacher, this makes me so very happy :o)


And as a kindergarten teacher, I'm sorry that my previous post was grammatically incorrect haha.


Winston seems uninspired. Where is your heart, Winnie?!


Ramona is the best! great book.


This is possibly the most adorable thing I've ever seen. As a Winston fan myself, I've sometimes wondered if I should pen a book as a paean to him, but then Ramona beat me to it!


I'm not sure what makes me happiest here? A child named Ramona, a book about Winston or the pictures of Winston looking at his book.


"Winston: The Unauthorized Biography!". I can tell he objects to Ramona's portrait of him as a vegan, juggler who embraces his lollipop-likeness. Just tell him no press is bad press.


I loved this entry. Like the last person said, what makes me happiest here? The 5-year old Ramona, the book she wrote about Your Awesome Cat Winston, or Winston actually reading it? I am sure you've made Ramona happy as you have this guy here too!

Kate so precious.


That is so freaking awesome.


Please tell me you have a picture (or better yet, footage) of Winston eating spaghetti.


that is absolutely adorable, and all i can say is Winston needs to meet my cat Willow who is 20 pounds of pure adorable crazy. All I can say is, if she met the "I can has cheezburger" cat she would probably eat him, and then ask to be brushed...


wow, drunk posting ftw!!! all your base belong to me


This is the cutest fucking post EVER.


that is so adorable!!!

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