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She's still too endearing for words, despite her incompetence--- perhaps even because of it.


Good god I can't stand that woman.

p. potter

Seriously? Who the hell isn't writing a goddamned book these days? I'm surprised she didn't try and pass it off as "fiction" that's, "kinda based on my life."

Paris, Nicole, Tila, Mary-Kate & Ashley. TALENTLESS, all of them! And yet they've all gotten book deals somehow.

If nothing else I'd love to hear her insights on "haters." My guess: THEY'RE JUST JEALOUS, DUH! LOL.

Someone just shoot me in the face with a rattlesnake.


Did she say "Fuck you hater" ?!?! I thought everyone hated Tila Tequila? There are people out there that don't? I am so confused.

p. potter

ok, wait one more thing...

i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that her underlying message will be:

"We all face hardships, but it's how you deal with it that shapes your character. You should be happy with who you are on the inside, and your beauty will shine through to the outside."

which is just a load of crap! i love it when these vapid hoes spread their bullshit messages of "beauty isn't the only thing that matters," as if they think they're some kind of effed-up role models for young women. really? beauty is on the inside? tell that to your boob job. or your painted face. or your emaciated figure.

inner beauty my ass!


Bombchell - in Atlanta

[shrugs] all i could think was "ooh she looks pretty, her hair & makeup are on point."

well hope her book works out.

ps: OMG ure header is scary, lol

Don't you think she means "delve"?


^ It's an ANTM reference. God bless Jade Cole. :)

Anyway, IMHO, MySpace is, for her, 1000 times easier than iMovie. MySpace doesn't require flipping a video around, syncing audio and adding text to videos. It's not like Tila knows what the "Help" section in a program is for.


Addendum: That Superhead Karrine Steffans video is funny as hell! I cried!

Drew least she's encouraging literacy.


I saw your Chucky header & thought, NOTHING IS SCARIER THAN THAT!, and then I watched as much of that Tila vid as I could stand. Turns out she's scarier than Chucky. Go figure.
House of Jules


I am convinced she smells like cat pee....


Her boring apartment with the white walls and single, lonesome, Freshman year ex-boyfriend teddy bear makes me unreasonably sad. I imagine her switching off the computer and sitting on the floor with her feet pulled up to her chest, crying. Crying for so many reasons.


Why you leave your anal probe here? My contemplative ass is going to be tossing and turning tonight trying to solve this confucian, philosophical question. I don't know from straight blow jobs, but I can say bitch plays superheadgames.


I love when she says:
"I hope you guys pick it up REALLY REALLY SOON"
and then immediately follows with
"It actually comes out on... December niiiiiiinth."


Dwelve isn't a word, but delve is. ;)

mighty undies

your new hero is too funny!!!



It hurts to look at her. And to hear her.


I think she meant "dwell on" rather than "dwell into" . . .


Let's see, chapters on "sluts" and "haters"?
actually exactly what i expected, Tila.


I hate her so hard, and this is from not even having watched one single episode of her so-called show.




if you guys actually read it, and knew what it's like being raised in a strict asian family... and growing up in the ghetto, and now becoming a millionaire... hmmm. then maybe you would all shut the fuck up.

and for ONE second, did anyone ever think about what psychological problems she could have? NO. because you all hate her face and her fame, more than you love to educate yourselves.



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