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I <3 Bitches

sassiness > craziness. Right?


hahahah I was pretty entertained by this. I love when people make fun of tyra.

and i love that i'm first!


ARRRRGGGGHHH, "Video not accessible." I hate being Canadian sometimes....


HAHAHAHA. perfect. perfect. perfect.


Pissy Kim Spoofing Tyra = my Halloween costume.
And Kim is looking HOT.


I had no idea when Kim was on the show how awesome she was. This impression is so good -- from the emphatic pauses. between. every. word, the whispering to create drama, and the reference to humble pie. So great.

Miss Lisa

We should all get to fuck Eve Plumb as a prize for watching ANTM every week.


Brilliant! You go, Kim!! You were robbed to begin with -- and yet went on to become one of the most successful ANTM alums ever. Woo hoo!!

Chris Johnson

That is awesome. Someone at Viacom needs to sign Kim to a development deal.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Hee. Nicely done, and yeah, lovely overdubs. I'm guessing we won't be seeing any more milisecond snapshots of Kim under "fresh personality" or whatever on ANTM's opening titles.


This seems like a major reach/attempt at PR through controversy to me.


I just hope that Kim doesn't appear on ANTM and/or Tyra's talk show anytime soon and become best buddies with Tyra Joanie.

I'm also with DLCS. Kim looks so much hotter in a black bedsheet(?) than Tyra did in that travesty of an outfit this week.


ARRRRGGGGHHH, "Video not accessible." I hate being Canadian sometimes....

Posted by: Patrick | October 10, 2008 at 04:07 PM

Ah, so that's it. I figured. Ugh. :(

Kevin Babbles

The overdubbing, particularly its "sensitive" subject matter, had me rolling.

Kim is ridiculously hot, funny, and personable. More Kim please.


The dubbing was a perfect touch, but Jesus Christ, she wouldn't have a platform if not for Tyra. And the connection between this photoshoot and Kim seems like a pretty big leap. Nothing like looking a gift horse in the fivehead. I only wish she had done the "each of you has what the other one lacks...together you make a complete package" spiel.

And not to jump the gun for Monday, but this week's elimination must have been a Sophie's Choice moment for you, no?


That was amazing.

Oh puh-leeze. Where would she be without Tyra and AMTN? What she's doing is similar to calling her mama's vagina a cunt.

Ahem. ANTM.


This is hilarious, but I never in a million years would have made any connection between Kim and that photo shoot. I think it were a dig, it would be more like, Annaleigh, you must be a lesbian TV personality with a bad attitude interviewing a musician! Subtlety isn't Tyra's strong suit (or fat suit).


ugh, I hurt my brain trying to track all the meta-references down and now I think Tyra may own a piece of my soul... but that is FUNNY! Spot on! Kim wins the Ridiculously Puffed Up TeeVee Celebrity Spoof Challenge, which is definitely one of The Most Challenging Challenges in Ridiculously Puffed Up TeeVee Celebrity Spoof Challenge History!!


To Greg--
First thought: "Rich! Cookies and a get-well card!", (but then that would be stalkerish and weird)

To RD--
Get. In. Line. ;)




Does anybody know where I can watch this video elsewhere? I can't see it on the MTV thing as I'm in the UK!


Any way someone could add this to youtube?
Darn Canadian IP!


The shout out to Shandi was the most awesome thing ever :)

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