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ha, I read that article yesterday and my first thought was, it sounds like Rich helped her with this. Tell me you didn't write any of those submissions...

Miss Lisa

Right. What a lot of research. As a project, it's got some historic "heft." Perhaps it should be a Wikipedia entry.


feel better!


I saw Celine in concert at the Staples Center in L.A. last week. I loved every chest thumping, karate leg kicking, lip sneering, head snapping, air fist pumping, hair flinging, eye bugging, stage trotting, crucifix posing, backbend collapsing minute of the show! Go on, Diva.


Hope you feel better Rich!


i got sick this week too, feel better, Rich.


that liza minnelli video is one of the most amazing things i have ever had the pleasure of seeing. HAAAHHHHHHH!

Lolita Hazed

I'm reading that right now and my first instinct was to come here. Lo and behold, you have posted about it!


Oh Liza, ha ha ha ha!

Feel better Rich!


Hope you feel better my child,
just pop in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and stay in! hehe

I LOVED the article,
especially Courtney and Liza! haha


you are killing me with the shitty grammar and punctuation.


I loved it...but she should have given you a credit. It had you all over it.


feel better soon hun...posts of the boys are more than sufficient


Awesome article. It's funny though how both Mimi and Celine both ended up on the worst dressed list this year for their respective outfits in that picture.


i'm sorry to hear that you are sick but this was hilarious!

take care and feel better,


sorry to hear you are sick but this was hilarious!
feel better soon,


hilarious! hope you feel better soon. :)


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I'm so insanely happy Liza Minnelli is on there.
I love her so.

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