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I just peed a little in my pants. That was your funniest blog ever.


All of these gifs are absolutely brilliant, and so incredibly worthwhile. :D

oliver darque

i literally just choked on my own laughter
after seeing that "sesame street baya" thing.

and wtf is a roman shower?

wait no, don't tell me. o.0


I used to watch the Real World to feel good about myself. Now, I just watch it to understand these re-caps. Fan-fucking-tabulous, Rich.

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Wow. This all looks so yummy. Even the wee human has a tasty look about his chubby little foot ;-)

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Thank you so much for posting this, and for taking the time to visit Occupy L.A. I have been supporting the Occupy movement since the beginning through social media, but I haven't visited in person yet. I am optimistic and happy about the movement.

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