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"worthless trance remixes that had my bowels emptying in response...literally"

You actually shat/pissed yourself while listening to them? Wow. I'm sorry.


i was into tori amos as an angst filled teen (duh) but um, that clip was made of win. and i actually liked that song.


“But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end”
To me, that is one of the most hilarious things someone could say during a song.
I thought those x-factor twins said that to each other during their routine to just prove how much they're making fun of themselves on the show. It's just so weird and funny. I guess I didn't realize that was a part of the original song. Oops.
That said, I'm quite surprised how many of these songs I haven't heard.


"You actually shat/pissed yourself while listening to them? Wow. I'm sorry."

Did you actually read or just decide to immediately tackle on the perceived misuse of literally? Because it makes sense if you read. JUS' SAYIN'.

neway LUV U RICH. I laughed vigorously.


omg, do you have a twitter that i can follow?


That came off more sarcastic than I intended; I was rather trying to express awe at his pants-pooping level of dedication. Sort of like that picture of the marathon runner crossing the finish line covered in his own excrement.


the chorus of break the ice totally reminds me of eileen flores 'touch me with your heart'


I must say that I'm disappointed that you didn't point out how Boys was just a re-tread of Vanity 6's "Nasty Girl". I was sure you were going to be the one to notice that.

Miss Lisa

You're a braver man than I. Today I accidentally came upon Little River Band's video for "Reminiscing" and thought I'd give it a go. I lasted less than 35 seconds in. I actually felt like I was going to throw up. It was the keyboards and Little River Band's hair--a combination that shattered any peace of mind I had previously experienced this morning. I'm just saying, you're dedicated to your concepts 1000% and I admire that.


haha i also always sang "i wanna get a p'zone"- great minds...

Blue Satin Sashes

Britney is my go-to cardio music. I don't know if it's because the beats keep my running on pace or if I'm trying to run away from her.

Be Regret Free

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i LOVED born to make you happy. this post inspired me to download and listen on repeat.


Don't take the Tori Amos vid too seriously, I'm pretty sure she was joking and not being "snooty". Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves "Everytime" with a passion. The music box is so pretty, yet depressing.


Ho man, who knew she had so many songs under her belt?! I'm not ashamed to say that I know most of these songs, lyrics and all. What can I say, I was a 90s child. Ahem.

Btw I'm SO glad you noticed the "suppose to know" line too. It's bothered me since I was 11 when I heard the song for the first time. Also the still-a-virgin image thing. I have often tried to figure out at which point in her career it was that she lost her virginity, and while I'm not quite sure, I'd say it was in the cusp of 'Lucky' and 'Slave 4 U'.

Brilliant deductions as always, Rich.


Fantastic. You should track down the "radio rip" of Mona Lisa, which is a demo version where she actually sings in a very different sounding voice than she's ever put out before, it also sounds un-autotuned. I actually kinda like it better than the released version because it's so bizarre :X

Or better yet, here it is:


Consti the Frog, that's her alter ego.

as bloopy as a belly full of Sean Preston

What indication in her career thus far has she given that she doesn't love rock and roll besides, oh, every single fucking sound she or her producers have committed to tape?

She's Robospears.

God didn’t knock you up, Brit. This song should have been aborted, though.

if she really cared so much, she could go away.

rich, you're a mad genius and i heart you muchly.


i just hate how everyone says that birtney can dance(we all know the bitch has a bad voice). shes never been able to dance! what, a back flip from a ten year old video, and some fast arm swinging has you all hot and bothered? really???


Is there a chance you would post a video of yourself playing "Lucky" on the guitar? Just the concept of it brings tears of joy to my eyes.


@ modesto, ok, dancing was never mentioned in the article, what are you ranting about? You are stupid for hating Britney and then responding to any post about her. Moron! Opposite of like is not hate, it's indifference, get it moron!


Yo, the stop remix ain't got nothing on the original crazy! Nothing AT ALL.


I never understand why Britney pushed Radar so much. It's one of her more uninteresting songs for sure.

Benjamin W.

She never pushed Radar. Bloodshy & Avant were promised it would be a single. Since the breakdown happened, it didn't happen during the Blackout era. So, they only agreed to work on Circus if Radar eventually got released.


I loved your commentary on each track, Rich. I especially love that you love Born to Make You Happy; if it isn't my favorite, it is darn close to my favorite Britney track she's done so far in of her career. I still don't know why it wasn't released as a single here in the States; that song is HUGE.

boss dj

duuuuuuude...i went to the video for hit me baby one more time on youtube to refresh the song in my mind, and i think that's FELICIA playing the teacher!!!!!!!!!!!

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