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If big eyed Sirocco were a human she would be allison harvard.



Also regarding big cat eyes, please check out Tulip


I love me some baby cats.s

trick please

Aww, she makes me wanna get kittens but i'm allergic


Kitty videos are digital zen gardens with valium pebbles.


Mythicbells needs to add a video: "how to paint geometric patterns on various cabinetry."


Christine is abolutely right. That was what I was thinking, too!

I'm dead with the cuteness from that video of the kitten being brushed, though. DEAD.


i'm fuzzy inside and out now...thanks rich.


I think my heart just expoloded. I have a Himilayan cat with a "Winston-like" face.


Oops! I meant "exploded" and "Himalayan."


WTF Tulip!! She doesn't look real, reminds me of that Grizzly Bear video

But she is real! I found some videos of her on YouTube


Her eyes are INSANELY big - like they've been photoshopped with that stupid "bug eyed" effect that seemed so popular for a while. And the dark paddy paws - excellent.


oh, this is the saddest of all my sad-lady habits - looking up cat videos on youtube..


i think these are all scottish fold cats, too, which are possibly the most adorable creatures on the face of the planet. excepting winston and allison harvard, of course.

Molly Barr

WELL! As you can imagine, I was mystified to discover that the Grooming Sequoia video had gone viral. With some help and sleuthing, I've traced the source back to this blog (I think?). Winston's Daddy!!

Oh, BTW, Sirocco has almost grown into her eyes, but not quite. :D

Molly (of Mythicbells)


This is disgustingly adorable and I LOVE it!! Awwwwwwwww! :)


This reminds me of the time my friend's cat -- who has thumbs -- tried to put on make-up. Well, sorta.

Melvin at Mouchois

I found the Mythicbells live webcam.
Dear God... The possibilities of head explosion are far greater than any "Puppycam".

Melvin at Mouchois

They're persians.
Sirocco is a shaded Golden (I want one SO BAD) and little Sequoia is a calico.
Not Scotties.

/ridiculous and pointless cat-lady information


Dear god, I love that Nugget video. Watching cat videos is double good when it drives your cat nuts to hear them meow >:)


Given your love of high camp and the 80s, I thought this dance video might be of interest to you, Rich:

The part that disturbs me most is that the man's costume is identical to the woman's.


All kinds of cute!little booger ............

Unemployed Girl

You may have seen this one but it makes me smile. This little kitty is *surprised!*


Thanks Rich, I subscribed to Mythicbells. ALthough I don't know why, I can't take this level of cuteness, it makes me cry haha. :)


bigger eyes than THIS!?!?

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