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i love her! i want more..


Well, how tall are you, Mary? Hmm?

Andy S.


Oh Man, I remember when the picture from the other post was new XD I've been here much longer than I realized.


"maybe if he'd just open his eyes, he wouldn't be blind anymore."



Oh, Solanges kid! Ohhhh. I was wondering who that little boy was! Rihanna was SO trying to take him.


I agree about the Pink song. I actually said the same thing to my boyfriend during the telecast.


Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore have to STOP.


"Let's play the height game!" .. LOVES it


This was so cute!
Too bad she didn't get to meet Winston.


I LOL'D when I saw Beyonce jammin' in her 3-D just sucked the somberness out of the tribute :p

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

I adore her! Her language was, surprisingly, not that bad.
And she really reminds me of Miley Cyrus (is that bad?). Like... She sounds kind of like her and looks a bit like her, too. Does anyone else see that? (You have to try and pull your eyes away from the amazing cleavage that woman has to see it)


i think mary carey needs to be involved more often. the height game section was way entertaining!

also, the 3d glasses were free at target. the one in my town had a whole shitload of them still available, although i heard that there were a large number of people that were coming and calling down there before the grammys who were really concerned that the glasses would all be gone.

(also, i did not actually get 3d glasses for myself, since i was working and did not get to see the show. i was fairly curious to, but this video made up for that.)


Yo, I love that what you said about Taylor's perpetual surpised-ness was almost word-for-word verbatim what I say to everyone.


The whole time, the look on your face is "This is why I'm gay."

Love the blog, love you! ..this video made me laugh. How about Taylor not act perpetually surprised about winning every damn award this season? I hear she is quite tall too..


Jealous. Love her.


I want to see the three of you together again for the Oscars too.


My personal fave:

"Does she always spell her name with a dollar sign?"


"Really? Why?"


"Cuz she's an asshole."

Ha! Well done.


You are a patient man. Thanks for making this happen.



trim time!


dude is getting a little chubby! hot!!


Are we sure Mary isn't Miley's older sister?


I loved it when you told her she didnt invent the hot/cold game and she just looked at you and said "well no, my grandma did" BAHAHAHHAH


Oh I love her. I hope she's doing well.

Not that one's rehab experience should be joked around with, but my friend and I still quote this:


Such a cute video. And I love the Soshanna banner!

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