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my favs are
The animal drinks even seawater deliciously

The senior citizen is only a strange person.


I am now thinking of having shirts printed with "Low Brain" and "Devil!Devil!Devil!" on them.

I couldn't even read entire thing, but I now what to go buy a set of Callaway
Golf Clubs and drink some Hennessey.


wtf Rich. I mean, I speak Japanese and I can't wrap my head around how they came up with half of that.

The cynic in me also wants to point on Japan's spent a large chunk of it's history in wars and the only reason they're in a peace keeping role at all is because of wars they lost. But it's a foolhearty errand to argue with fantastaspam.


"The destruction of entertainment such as the fishing accepts it with a whale."

This is the most wonderfully crazy thing I've read in days. Thanks for posting it.


This reminds me of that South Park episode that explains why the Japanese people poach whales, and now I'm beginning to think they were right. The japanese don't fish whales, they kill them because they hate them and think they are evil

This poorly translated email is quite enlightening.


brb. I have to write a comment, translate it into Japanese using Google translator, then translate it back to English from the Japanese.


I think I see the problem...

Rich, this huge email you got was fucked up. It's a shame that the person who wrote it couldn't have taken the time to draft a coherent argument; he clearly feels passionately about his point of view. Oh well, thanks for the yukks.



Which became:

If wealth is what the email was this huge mess. I feel sorry people it was written it could not take time to draft a coherent argument, he feels about his point of view clearly passionate. Well, yukks Thanks. s.

Ashley Alexander

Entitled, ignorant fuck.. it's one thing to try to defend one's cultural right to eat certain foods and it's another to advocate the annihilation of a species just because you happen to be competing with it for food.
It's sad that this ends up being a representation of Japan--most of the people I meet and talk to here are not so unforgivingly stupid.

Brian Cooksey

I want to let Japan fight with my low brain head!


"Japan never fights"

HA, I think WWII could be a good argument against that point.


My low brain reels! Babelfish win. I can't wait to gush my devil feelings on all the world's leaders via babelfish. Glory is the now time.


This sounds about as coherent as that purple tent dress lady from the Oscars


You weren't joking about taking a break. I'm seriously going to have to come back later and read all of this. But honestly, thank you for posting this--I'm going through some really bad shit and this is the first thing that made me laugh all-out for a few days. PROTECT THE FISHS OF MY LAUGHTER, RICH.

Also: Reading it aloud dramatically to someone INCREASES BY 50% THE HILARITY OF THE FISHS. My boyfriend and I have agreed that if you could get William Shatner to perform a dramatic reading, the universe would implode under the weight of such ridiculousness.


I feel like this is the dialog from every anime I have ever watched.

trick please

I could not finish that... I know you warned us but damn!

But I really like the "...drinks seawater deliciously" and the "cow/pig, fishs" references. I'll try to work that into my work emails somehow.

I hope no one thinkd we're making fun of none native English speakers, but this is precious.

trick please

that damned Google translator...


I read this and it sounded exactly like those insane rambling Blog comments about certain music artists being in the Illuminati.


My personal fave:
"Whales eat only small children of fish and shrimp of fish food,"

Won't someone think of the children?=fish?

I'd like to hear what the Koreans and Chinese have to say about "Japan doesn't fight."


At least the final zinger came through clearly, "I eat plenty of fish, thank you very much!" Whether that proves or disproves any of the points in this diatribe is anyones guess.


Very "all your base are belong to us" to me for some reason. I LOL'd, L'dMAO & R'dOFL. It's kinda like that Family Guy running gag of the 2 foreigners who almost sound like regular Americans, until they say something of complete fuckery. Except this made me laugh.


This is my absolute favorite part: "As for the wolf (the whales / dolphins) killing the leading role (fishs) of the sea, it must be become extinct."

A glorious piece of WTF.


At least Pygmy was understandable. I didn't even get through all of this but whatever i did read made my brain hurt. Thanks for the laughter and the confusion!

i must go drink my bottled water deliciously now......actually whever consuming any food, i will be sure to make sure i consume deliciously.....

also, whales/dolophins are obviously evil!


The next time I go to a bank at night, I'm going to be very cautious of all the bad mackerel. Those delinquents.


Courtney Love is in Japan?


Maybe this is the man they dubbed "No Trespassing" in the film?

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