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Yey Winners! Rudy's ambush made me laugh out loud and now the whole office knows I'm not actually working


Aww, little kitty snores! The ambush was delightful.


Pfft, whatever, that's how I eat celery too. Fuck celery, amirite???


Awww. Happy kee-tee. Love the Winston update.


Awww, little kitty snores, I love it when my big massive Maine Coon snores, there's this teeny little snorty whistle coming from this big cat.


MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. I love Winston. I hope to see a Christmas video with both kitties soon!


It's good that you know who the true star of this blog is. Forget the recaps and the supercuts. We want Winnie!!!


Saw the blurb about you in NY mag's matrix. At least someone else notices you're being ripped off!


winston truly is a cat's cat.


Rudy is a bad motherfucker.


lol you're watching The Office in the background


WINNIE!!! I've been busy with all of those activities, minus the celery. Yuck!


whomever is with Winston on the couch as he has a love affair with the finger....are they doing cross stitch?? That's kinda awesome, I'm currently doing a needlepoint of Starry Night - and that could be the dorkiest thing I have ever had to type =)


Oh, Winston, you big endearing weirdo. I can't get enough of you (even though I have a weirdo beagle, who is almost equally amusing)


I also think it might be time to do some feature videos starring Rudy The Ninja. He is AWESOME and made me laugh incredibly hard.


winston snores are the sweetest ever! <3


Love the ambush!


Rudy took the cake on this one....I also think the ambush was the cutest thing.....

kate welsh

Love the ambush plus the cute snores...awwwww...more of this please.

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