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Wiggs (The Beholder)

Maybe he's part dog. Baxter is obsessed with socks and has a stash of them hidden somewhere in my condo...just when I think I've taken all of the socks away from him, he disappears for a while then turns up with a pair I haven't seen in months.


All your sock will belong to Rudy.


Rudy has a foot fetish. Who knew? Cute kittehs.


Aw. I kinda love that back leg disemboweling thing kitties do. I think he wants to kill the socks.


He can't resist attacking the cat's most deadly predator in the wild....socks.


Aha! So this explains where all the unmatched socks go! Wait, I don't have a cat. Still, always nice for extended Rudy love. He's like the fine china. You don't take him out all the time, but when you do, it's always a worthwhile and special occasion.

Driver B

Hi Rudy! Nice bunny kicks.

Holy Cuteness

Rudy Sockington.


Rudy is protecting the socks from the humiliation of being put on FEET.

Good man, Rudy. Carry on.


Rudy is the perfect protector, and I love that you said "please" when asking for a sock.


I'm sending a giant box of socks to Rudy right now. I feel like I must. Or else.


Always nice to see Rudy get some love. Let him have the socks.


Glad to see Rudy get some airtime, although Winston really takes the banana for weirdness.

My Maine Coon tortie is the most refined feline around, but bring in some stinky shoes, and she goes apeshit. She'll get her head clear in them and roll around with them. And, the stinkier, the better.


First off "Mahogany!" Boy, did I love that movie growing up.

Secondly, my inner Eco-Girl has something to add:

Please make sure those socks are washed with an all-natural detergent. Otherwise the harsh chemicals are bad for both humans and pets (like Rude). And perhaps more importantly, no dryer sheets! They are extremely toxic to the immune system and liver. They are bad, bad, bad crap to have around, to have on your skin and to inhale. Very bad. Thanks.


Rudy is awesome and could be the twin of my cat Nyx.

I love the 'these are MY socks, fuck off' claw action.


Yeah Rudy! @1:33 it's so funny when he spreads his toes to grab your hand....And I love the big baby eyes(spongebob eyes)as he does the bunny


Rudy should go on My Strange Addiction


So cute! And his face at 0:33 reminds me of the cat on the House box, so...extra awesome.


Yay Rudy!


Rudy is so handsome, he looks so much like my parent's cat who just had to be put down (made it to 17) Thank you so much for posting the video =)


Rudy, you are a darling. Good to see you again.

The internet attempts to explain this phenomenon: "Another reason people for cats stealing socks could be the shape of the socks. When you leave your black or white socks on the floor, they may look like a dead rat lying on its side."

There you have it.



We call that back leg move "Kick him in the head!" Because that is how/where it is normally deployed the constant battle between my three cats.

arizona auctions

Now I love Winston and all, but Rudy has my heart. Great to see him by himself every so often. And how adorable can you get?


Weird cats FTW :).

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