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awesome gifs as always, worst "surprise" faces I've ever seen!


Ha! This is funny coming from a Beyonce fan.


This whole post has me rolling, but the Patti LaBelle/Paris is Burning ref? DYING.

I love your writing. Please never stop.


Has Oprah always looked so much like Diana Ross? WTH?

marisol c

Sade Pendavis is the queen. I believe she is still around.


The final episode was beautiful. Platitudes! PLATITUDES! Oprah surmised many of the themes and lessons she has explored throughout her 25 years perfectly and with true grace. It was inspirational but it was real. I ugly cried for an hour at least.


so awesome to watch your gifs when tired-borderline-delirious.

"what in the name of jesus" became "what IS the name of jesus". looked up and saw miss thang mouth "oooooo". well...

and cum-freak out. ahhhh.

fourfour=good times
fourfour on 2 days, barely any sleep=fanfreakintastic


You totally need to edit a video of Oprah and Taylor Swift and their over-the-top SURPRISE! faces. "Oprah meet Taylor. Taylor, Oprah"

vibram five fingers

It was straight-up silent-movie acting, very strange and endlessly gif-able.


Shit, I'm actually stealing that, Rich. So much wisdom.


Yum! A smorgasbord of delicious gifs.


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Worst "surprise" faces I've ever seen!


Opie looks like she needs to take a seven-day nap.

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from what Perry managed to do with it. Shange's play is depressing. The characters

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