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I love that the only acting skill those girls have is saying "Hel-oooooooo" at the start of every sentence.

Rich, your ability to find the weirdest of weird never disappoints!


as an ex-JW I just got a terrible PTSD-like flashback. I should call my mom and see if she has any old VHS JW propaganda, but I don't want to give her false hope. I do kind of wish I still had my copy of Young People Ask the book, though, because the pics and captions are very LOLzy. The chapter on Masturbation is a comedic gold mine.

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We can be acquaintances with people who don't share our beliefs, but we wouldn't develop close friendship with people who don't have the same love for God and Jesus as we do, or for the laws and principles in the Bible.


That's a mighty odd thing for a bot to say, ABE.


It seems to me that the Witnesses in these clips don't have friends because they are dour human beings, not because of their religion. I'm a severely lapsed Catholic and have a friend who is a Witness and she is outgoing and friendly. We just don't talk about religion.


doin' tangs.

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I was laughing all the time. Very hilarious clip

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As someone who grew up Jehovah Witness and ran as fast as I could away from it once I got on my own I understand your negative feelings towards it. I have mixed feelings about religion at all but it did keep my out of trouble when I was young but being told who and who you can't be friends with totally took the fun out of being young.

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Great share, valid post after all these years

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