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Wow. It sounds... terrible. But I am oddly interested in reading it now. Damn it.


This is the perfect type of book for an e-reader or iPad. That way, there is no evidence that you're reading it, or read it.


I love your review! And the selection of quotations sure is... special. Just don't, urgh, don't tempt me to read it any further, please!


Oh! Also, I thought of you recently when I found out one of my uni friends is now in music management and works with Katy B! I told her about fourfour as she's an avid ANTM fan too (my friend that is, I'm not sure about Katy B... though she did appear on BNTM finals, so who knows.)

Sarah O

I'm just in shock that they managed to write 258 pages.


Page 27 will be read at my funeral.




Are you Sure this is a real book? Because it's doesn't really sound like one...


I read Modelland, so obviously that means I have no taste, which leads to me having to read this book.

And god, that line: "His mouth was hot and delicious, like butterscotch." That sounds just like something Tyra wrote in Modelland.


Oh my GOD, that last quote. That last quote. Which Kardashian sister's wishful thinking inspired THAT line, do you think?...writing it won't make it true, Kim!

Jennifer @ keepitsimplefoods

Sounds painful.


I laughed so hard, I peed gin.


I just can't laugh at this book (or Snookie's, or a book by any other celebutard) because I know too many excellent writers struggling to get a book deal.


I might have to buy a used copy - that way, I can dive into this bucket of crazy without lining their pockets.

Blue Screen

Thanks for sharing!

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