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You know, I'm not sure how much of that was pre-recorded at another time when you just wanted to tape your cats and how much was made specifically for this video. Either way, your kittens are adorable as always.


Cheers for the video and the link. Both glorious and increasingly funnier with every second that ticks by.


according to this video, I am a gay guy.

A Facebook User

LOVE. especially the hot guys in this video ;-D


I sing songs to my cat. My current favourite is 'Bootylicious' with the lyrics changed to be about cats ('I don't think you're ready for this kitty etc.). My brother also used to sing 'My name is Noosha [cat's name], I liiive on the second flooor' to her until I told him what the original song was about.


You used to have a stoner vlog right???? I remember you!

Erin R

Love the Downton Abbey reference that snuck in there.


I'm not going to act like this didn't light up the porn region of the ole cerebral cortex.


I love this!


Do you really own that many pairs of sunglasses?!


That was fun but I only have 1 pair of sunglasses and no kitties.


Thank you for slipping in that Paris Is Burning quote!


Overpriced but no going back/you love your cat, don't you??? cat food buyers represent. <3


Saw this on tdw I was laughing the whole time cuz I say just about everything in the vid to my fat little ones, except the glasses part youve got alot of them Great video. From a straight dude btw


According to this, my husband is a gay guy.


oh my gosh I love this!

Just stuck it up on my site at sillykittyvideos(dot)com to share!

Thank you!


My wife just sent me this video while I was talking to my ittle man kitteh and ittle girl kitteh about the birds they saw today. I no has a gay.


This is the only shit-said meme I want to see. Ever.


I am only three pairs of sunglasses shy of Rich awesomeness! I am somehow both pleased and embarrassed.




It's the ending that really sells it!


this is so very amazing. i cackled on numerous occasions, indeed.

best cellulite cream

excellent video!


If everyone man was in touch with his inner cat lover, this would be a better world.


I was so suffering Winnie and Rudy withdrawals. This definitely made up for it! And, I too appear to be a gay guy!

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