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That is a sweet mix, first of all, and the write-up was great. Thanks so much for that!

Victor L Price

How do I get this album. I love everything that he does and what he represents.


Man, I love your mix. As a DJ myself since 1986, I have alot of Steve's remixes and self-releases from the late 80's, to his peak during the early to mid 90's where he enjoyed as much success as a DJ/Remixer could have had at that time and way before remixing was rewarded by the Grammy world. He would have won several times if they had started giving that Grammy away in the 90's. He should get a lifetime award for his work in House music and making the anthems we all remember.

Excellent work!


Wow...that's the most info on Steve I think I've seen, cool blog!
What did you do your mixwith? what program?
I'm looking forward to hearing it.
I'm originally from Chicago and knew Steve, Frankie & Jamie - involved with DJ International.


Ok, hi there :) may you can help me :)

Im looking for a remix of "That's the way love is" its an house Version, guess something around 1990-1996 and special thing about it, its singed by a woman.

Im out of ideas, looked the internet up and down 3 times or more :)

so pleeez pleez help me :)

Were can I get the album. Were can I download the album. Give me something.


very interesting post. Im currently in a steve Hurley phase, when i realized that theres more to him than just the early rudimentary chicago sound....last week i came across "hold on tighter to love"...of course id heard it before as a child but i went crazy now knowing who was behind it.

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Good followup, Ira. I'm guessing the newspaper didn't have a staff reporter at the scene, but got whatever information they printed after the fact from police reports.

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