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June 04, 2005



Damn. I gotta start goin out again.


Love these pics, especially the fifth one down, where Kier is obviously channeling Carol Channing. She totally looks like she wants to be your Rubber Lover.

i think alot of need to start going out again. deee-lovely!!!!!

Who Kiers???

This Jekyll & Hyde bitch would cuss you out & beat your ass like a red headed step child if she knew you posted these fugly pics of her.

She's like every 2 bit one hit wonder that now has a pair of headphones & 20 CD's & fancies themselves a DJ.

She looks like shit warmed over, isnt it amazing what crack & dope can do for ones complexion?


Omg, who is this haggard puerto rican street walker! Oh no!.....It's Miss Lady Kier from Deee-Lite. See people, this is what ya get when ya can't put down the crack pipe.

Her comeback is going to be a disaster. Crackhead Whitney has a better chance than her, considering that people still know who she is! LOL!

P.S. Those dancers made me puke a little bit in my mouth. Where did she get them? The Aids Factory?
Her political rantings are worthless coming from a drugged up cow.



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gmEFXN If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.


She does look like she just rolled out of bed ... But really ya'll, Kirby is one of the most talented melodists and lyricists of all time. Give her a break. Whitney was a tool from the get go.

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