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July 18, 2005



Yeah, I think LaToya should serve as an example of either doing too many drugs or not enough. Cuz the bitch looks like hell!


You forgot to mention my very favorite line: "Don't put that stuff inside you/Don't let them take control/Just say no." Beautiful.


Sal, you're a genius. I really had intended to include that line in the post. It slipped my mind -- must've been all the stuff inside me.



I was listening to Camp Kookachoo just last week...



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It was a ridiculous thing to do for her, I think she is the worst of the Jackson's. Well MJ was also a ridiculous guy when he started with all that surgery thing.

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Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

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