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A. James

Seriously. I thought I knew funny before I knew your site but, um, no. .

You. are. hysterical!

Much love.


I am so glad you do these recaps; since I'm at work for like 16 hours a day I feel like I miss out on so much good TV. Hopefully they'll put this shit on DVD, soon.


If they don't, I have your back.


God Bless you, God bless everyone!!!

Funny stuff, funny stuff


I take it they spend ALL their time in expensive hotels. Haven't they a crib of their own, in some 'hood?


This episode was boring. I'm surprised you were able to do this recap. And can we see their house now? The hotel settings are getting boring too. I need more excitement, and it looks like it'll happen next week (Bobby trying to track down Whitney!).




just like a car crash...going really really slow...i can't look away. and there better be one of those "behind the scenes" thing when this show is done cause you know there's some good ish that we're missing.

faithfully yours, because crack is wack,


Thanks so much for sharing my obsession with "Being Whitney's Bitch". Your recaps are brilliant.


That was hilarious. I have avoided the show, but now I am thinking that I need to catch the reruns! Poor Whitney, so tragic!


I can't believe Whitney smokes! Urgh. This is why she almost fell sangin' I Believe In You And Me/I Will Always Love You at the World Music Awards! But I tried giving her the god dang benefit of the doubt but if she just gon' ruin herself like this!! Ugh.

PS Her at Michael Jackson's Anniversary Concert, I know you know about the blurring, right? Shame.

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