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Whitney I love you and I know you still have some sense so instead of criticizing you I'm going to pray for you and your family.


I can't believe they are airing a show like this, except to get some laughs.
Whiteny looks like she is on drugs in almost every shot...where is the Whitney I remember?


Why isn't anyone commenting about someone saying they were going to shit on the table?

Fabulous tv! Love the recaps! I can't believe anyone would be that way, especially on tv. They put the GET in GHETTO!

LOL....I'm gonna rss this blog for livejournal. It's better than ANYTHING Courtney, Britney, and all the other traffic accident celebs!


tragic is what comes to mind first. the drugs, physical and mental abuse, the craziness have all taken their toll on Whitney. Whitney was so talented (incredibly beautiful too)and had enormous potential to do go onto things beyond music and film. she comes from a good background (unlike Bobby) so it's hard to imagine how she (and her family) let herself get into the state she's in. and that poor child, her future is pretty much doomed as well, which is tragic. I'd love for Whitney to get her act together and make a comeback but am afraid there is no way back for Whitney now. what a waste...tragic

Anyone got a working torrent for this? I'd love to watch it ...


Did y'all see when they were in the store doing the crackhead dance? Remember the one that Samual Jackson and Halle Berry did??? LOL.....Whitney is definately the worst, all this time we thought it was Bobby BUT is definately WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!! WTH?? IS UP WITH THAT DARN WIG? How many ways can you style it? THEY NEED to show that baby Bobbi Kristina some attention...the sad thing is that the kids will suffer, not them.


Those who missed this can watch the episodes (in low quality) here:

(scroll down)

Try to contain your sadness, while I try to contain my joy.

Two things come to mind when I watched the first two episodes: Whitney is just doing this to give Bobby his own money. And, why must she SING every answer she gives the camera? The most important aspect that people should come away from this new reality train wreck is that money is not everything. These two celebrities geniunely look miserable.

that is a match made in heaven or hell - you decide. they are too funny together. they may be tears of a clown but they are for each other. if she likes him, i love him. crazy

Lisa Kindel

I watched the first two shows and have to admit that I am deeply saddened by who Whitney is. Was she always this way? Did Bobby change her? Did show business change her? I hope to God that with her recent stint in rehab that she'll use her talent, pay attention to her daughter and spend money on those who need it instead of buying more crap for herself. The woman who she is no this show is not pleasing to God nor man. I hope she finds God again and gives up on the addictions that are killing her.

Where is Social Services


i've watched the show and think its sad but funny. i like bobby its whitney i'm worried about. but i got a question for all who knows: yall remember when bobby, whitney, and the daughter went shopping. what was that on whitney's head, was it a wig or was that a hat? somebody tell me please.

i think it was a hat..i hope it was.


what is wrong with Bobby's face?


I absolutely love this show and I hope to see more of it. Bobby Brown is so wonderful. I think he is real in every aspect of the word and I love his views on his career, family, politics and his marriage. I see this man in a totally different light. Whitney, I was always a huge fan of her talent but, this show helps us to realize that she is a real person with concerns, emotions, and personalitiy. I love it and as long as Bravo has this show aired I will never miss an episode. Bobby and Whitney I give you a "good looking out" from all of your fans here in the Chi. Love you lots, Allie

T Tompkins

This show is and should be a total embarassment to Bobby and Whitney, the entire BRAVO staff, and to anyone who has even the slightest bit of morals. These two are desperate for attention--since their singing careers are both in the crapper, they need to find a way to make money and hopefully, get their careers back where they were. NOT GONNA HAPPEN WITH THIS PIECE OF CRAP!!

At first, I thought Whitney was pregnant--but then I realized she just had herself a big ol beer belly. She's become a real booze-hound, and Bobby laps it up like a dog. I don't for a second believe that this is the "real" Bobby and Whitney. Both of them play up to the camera too much. I used to like Whitney--never much cared for Bobby, though. Now, she may as well move into the projects in Chicago! All they are now are FORMER TALENTED ENTERTAINERS TURNED BOOZERS.

What really got me was when some reporter interviewed Bobby and Whitney about their new "reality" show. Then proceeded to ask them if their show was going to be like Brittany and Kevin's--which Whitney responded with a scoffing face as if to say that their new show would somehow be so far above Brittany and Kevin's show as to be unable to form a coherent reply. Boy, they really need to take a good, hard look at themselves. In my opinion, I'd rather watch Brittany and Kevin any day of the week over the phoney, self-aggrandizing, self-indulgent crap of "Being Bobby Brown."

I pity them.

~~ Terry


I have been wondering what happened to the Looney Two - Bobby and Whitney. Hey, I look forward to watching Bravo because of Being Bobby Brown. I have all my friends hooked on it. I cannot wait for the new season. It's not that it is the best show out there, but you just know that they are keeping it REAL.....


I think the show was very realistic to the effects of drug addiction.....We all have one or two in our family who are addicted.....Lets pray on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are; Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.


My heart goes out to Whitney and I feel so sad for her daughter as well. We must all remember that both Whitney and Bobby are human, and we all make mistakes, and wrong choices. I think we should be all praying that Whitney Finds the Lord again and take hold on the faith and belief of the healing power of God, and allow God to do a new thing in her life and Bobby's. Especially for the sake of their children. Who are watching them both make a dissater out of the good fortune and opportunity that God has given them. Whitney please don't let your life be a waste. You are here for a greater purpose. Bobby Brown is not your Destiny.


Whitney and Bobby are both human no matter how much money you have no one is exempt from the harse realities of life, so people shouldnt be so judgemental. Whitney's still beautiful and talented and Bobby is still attractive and talented, so regardless of the BS they have endured they still have each other and there fame and and fortune and its never too late to see the light. So people needs to stop hating


Bobby and Whitney:

I am truly a die hard fan, yes there are obvious problems, as in any relationship, but I won't judge. But, I truly believe in the real truth, beauty, love, and the ugly of your relationship with each other. However, what I'll do, is pray for a spiritual uplifting of your relationship and family. Always luv ya(s), blessings to ya(s).

Linda Neal

Well I watcheed the show, I couldn't believe my eyes, The two of them are really wild..They spent money like there was no tomorrow..Well I never careed much for Whitney but she has changed a great deal, and not for the good, But Bobby now I like him he's the same old Bobby, he was always wild thats nothing new..But seems to me Whitney use to say Bobby was the bad one, I think we had it twisted it was her all along....peace

j lashell

it's hot also whats with mumblling

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