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July 12, 2005



for me it was her introduction to Jose
Jose:"You're a tall one"
Janice:"Model", "Models have to be tall"
"nice to meet you"


When she asked her friend Paula to come get her I thought I heard Paula say she couldn't get her because she was in New York. I could be wrong, but that's what it sounded like. It was so obvious Janice wanted camera time.


Here's what I don't understand - Janice said that she went through a 12 step program, but apparently it was not for alcohol. It looked like she was drinking straight vodka. I read in one of the gossip magazines that Omarosa said Janice was intoxicated the whole time. I can't wait until next week!


You're right about her neck. I never noticed that. She needs a neckpeel!


To know Janice and to rabidly obsess about her is to realize that part of what makes Janice Janice is the air of contradiction that follows her. She's a mystery like Prince or Jesus.


Oh lord have mercy, what is the deal with her face!? Never mind the turkey gobbles she gots on her neck, but lord have mercy.

In other news...Mariah Carey loses her top. Who ordered two flapjacks? http://www3.contactmusic.com/news/index12.htm


I'd hit it.


Who does she think she's kidding. She may have been....a super model. But she is now a washed up lush doing b-rated tv shows to pay the rent. Or...she could be saving up to do something about that neck.

You go girl!


oh dear lord
i cannot wait until the new season of surreal life airs here (toronto).

my objective in life is too see janice and omarosa in the same room....and now it's attainable.
any way to get judge judy in there as well?



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This woman was so beautiful when she was young so now she has passed for different surgeries that's the reason she has the face like that now.m10m

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A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?

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This was a fascinating cultural exposition. I enjoyed reading this. Ali is a cutie.

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There should be a middle ground somewhere, Alysa, between the crass commercialism we have in this country and the tight-assed ninnyness of the French - except for those in the North, of course. Carnaval looks to be similar to Fasching in Germany. Drink and be merry.

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Well.... The French have a point about obesity. And definitely about commercialism. But still, as a Halloween-loving American, I'd find it hard!

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What a beautiful post, Vivian! Happy Halloween to you and your family - especially to adorable Mason. My, what big claws he has!

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now you've got me jonesing for some posole. sounds really good, Vivian and looks even better.

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