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Don't feel bad...I found your blog for the first time after reading the Page 6 bit and now you're bookmarked! :)


nobody does an episode breakdown of being bobby brown like you. it fills the void in between the 4-5 times a day i watch reruns of the same three episodes. <3 <3


What's tired is that you're trying to be a star re-blogging the already-blogged gossip of people who are so untalented the only thing they can do is write about the foibles of the famous and hope to get close. Lashing out against one of your own. We hate those who are the most similar to us. Tsk tsk.


So Page Six is one of my own? For reals?!? Thanks!

I'd love to do this via email, but I don't quite believe that contacting you via what you've left ( will do me any good. I honestly have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. If I were trying to famous, I probably wouldn't waste my time talking about house music, my cats and chunky men. I'd be fucking people. Important people. So, take a look around and recast. Or elaborate on exactly what information I have recycled (and if you do that, please, please, please don't use "blog" AS. A. VERB. EVER.). Do something, anything else, Junior Miss.


methinks some commentheads drank too much hateraid over the weekend.

call ralph tresvant for sensitivity, yah jealous yatches.


Right? And then you go to her site (do it!) and it's like, uh, brilliant and shit and I feel all small-dicked and everything.


BEFORE Jossip had found the story (they found it via my site Cityrag, see the "via" link) I EMAILED Richard Johnson the tip that FourFour had dug up the story behind the Mariah Madonna fued and I included a link directly to this site!!


I want to see a a real Brazilian guy with a huge dick and fat juicy ass. I do not want to see an airbrush, I want a real Brazilian in the NYC area that looks good unclothed.



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