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July 29, 2005



Whitney's hair looks better. Bobby looks like his disease has been talking to another disease too.


Unrelated to above post: ANTM ALL SEASON MARATHON on VH1 starting Next FRIDAY at 2/1c! I've already requested that weekend off from work as a result.



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This man is not an stupid man because imagine if I was between all those black women I'd get so crazy because black women are my delirium, besides I could see it was a perfect party.

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Why your happy about this couple of addicts ? did you know that Bobby hits Whitney several times a few months ago ?

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A fitting tribute to your beloved abuelita. She would be so pleased. You certainly are a pretty lady, too.

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What a beautiful, touching piece in remembrance of your beloved Grandmother. She must be very pleased, as her spirit smiles upon her lovely granddaughter.

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