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July 04, 2005



what the fark? beachfront handjobs? now *that's* family, darling!

Mr. GuyTVBlog

i love amusement parks, they're like a freakin addiction for me. thanks for the wonderful fotos.

As a fellow South Jersey native, thanks for the pics. I too remember "The Sound of South Jersey" via Q 102 (does that station still exist???)


Philly's Q102 does indeed still exist. It never came in very well in Ocean City, but it was influential all the same (it picked up on SWV's "I'm So Into You" waaaay before anyone else in South Jersey, and before that, there was a promo spot that they'd air on Philly TV stations featuring awesome stuff from their playlist like Musto & Bones' "Dangerous On the Dancefloor" and Tevin Campbell's "Round and Round").

Boss 97, which was actually based in South Jersey, though, was very similar (maybe a bit more housey). That's the sound of my adolescence.


I loved this entry. We went to Ocean City every summer when I was growing up. Ah, memories. Wonderland rules!


You know what doesn't exist?? Eagle 106! Haha.. nice south jersey pics..


is that a digable planets reference, rich? you are my soulmate.


What a nice summer vacation as well.. nice post..



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