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Did Rudy play Toonces on SNL? I thought he looked familiar. And Winston? That much cute in one body should be illegal.


Sorry to hear bout the break in, but glad winston & rudy were there to help you pick up the pieces!

Captain Tripps

You know, my ex-boyfriend's cat hated me for several years then he just snapped out of it. Now he loves me! I think Rudy will snap out of it too and one day will come to love you.

Veronica Vinegar

Sorry about your radio! I hate that.
How big is Winston, by the way? The little meow-meow video you posted a few days ago makes him look wee, but he looks kinda big in these photos. Maybe it's just the grown-out fur?


He's fully grown, I think, and probably around 8 lbs. But, from what I understand, Persians tend to be small and he's all kindsa runty, on top of that.

He looks big in the pictures because my head is abnormally small.

addicted to burritos

I love it when you document Winston and you other cat, whatitsname. I'll get to love him too. :)

You don't look like you've consumed a Chipotle burrito each week. You look awesome.

Thanks for the photos!

Rita Ann

You are really good looking! I guess I expected you to be not good looking since you are so funny... I was WRONG! Cute cats. Sorry about the burglary!


Rudy could be dreaming about clawing out the radio theif's eye-balls. I'm sure he doesn't hate you.


I think you should start a fund to buy Winston a chin. That's why he looks so angry!


Yeah, sorry to hear about your break in, that sucks!!!! But at least cutie winston tried to make you feel better. =o)


the combination of cuteness and tragedy in this single post is pretty intense.


Sucks about your car, Bastards! Your cats are cute.


As much as I am trying to comment about my beloved Winston all I can do is gush like a schoolgirl instead: "OMG, you're such a fox!"


Oh God. I embarrassed people into silence. Again.


Rich! Fuckin A the lil kitty, but bring on more pics of you...We all need something to live for now that "The Whitney Show" has ended....bring out your hotness more often! ;)


Haha, in other words: shut up and be pretty.

Michael -- Not embarassed, just quietly flattered.

Thanks to all who enjoy my face.


no no no, don't shut up! keep making me bust into fits of inappropriate laughter at work, but it's nice to see your pretty face sometimes, too. a smart funny hot boy? doesn't get much better than that.


The picture of Rudy in the car is gorgeous! What a beautiful picture of beautiful cat.


I can't stand the insane cuteness of your cats. I am in LOVE!


Sorry to hear about your car...that really sucks. Hhhmmmm, I seem to have a Winston dependancy problem. I just LOVE him so very much and find myself looking forward to new pics of the living doll. I guess I should not feel alone as there seems to be a growing number of Winny fans just like me. Thank you for the smiles and endless aaahhhhhs that you have brought to me and countless others. Please keep those lovely pics coming.


Ooooh yeah, I forgot to add that I agree with the other folks, your face in the photos is an added bonus ! You are VERY YUMMY to look at as well. Lucky Winston !


Oh my god!! Winston sits on your pillow! My kitty Roli does the same thing, she plays what I call Hat Cat: sleeps on my head/pillow in bed. Way cute! I like your nickname too, scarf :)







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