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August 18, 2005





i'm still going to miss janice, but of course i will watch.
hopefully it will be better than the last two seasons (which sucked so very very hard).

and p.s. amanda from season 3 has just been hired for the new levis campaign, according to british vogue. pah.


I can't believe you're turning your back on Janice! She may be a psycho bitch, but it's all part of her charm. As long as she's not bitchy to me, I don't care :)


"Like a cross between Gina Gershon, that older-woman floozy in Dirty Dancing and a penis."

OMG...best. description. ever.


I'm confused...are the second pics of each girl a promo example of their "makeover?" Because if you said the first episode was a Vampire Theme, I would have totally believed it.


I doubt that's the case, as the actual show makeovers have never been spotlighted on the pre-season promotions. They always change the girls more drastically than they're altered here (i.e. hair gets cut, expanded, colored). These "makeovers" are just to show how blingy wit it the show's going to get this time. Excitement!

Yeah, totally vampire. Why the Bela Lugosi eyebrows, Tyra??


Bre is America's Next Top Model i dont care what anyone say's about it i know it you know it and Tyra knows it so why have this discussion anyway Bre i have to give it to you your Sexy,Compitant, beautiful, and you have alot of heart you also have an awesome affect on everyone on and in the show even the people who are only watching because you changed my whole perspective in a big way Not only do yo need to win You diserve to win the competiton if you dont just know you still had an affect on me and you also changed my perspective and my life when you have time E-MAIL me at [email protected]


all i can say is naima is sooooo fugly fugly fuglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......



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